Sell Your Old Car to Carvana: Get Paid Hassle-Free from Home


Mohit Kamboj

We’ll show you how to sell your old car to Carvana and get paid without bargaining or leaving home.

Carvana Sell My Car Review 2023

Carvana is our second choice among the top online platforms for selling your car. Carvana offers competitive cash offers and a user-friendly platform for selling your car. The company handles all the paperwork for you, and in most places, they can even deliver it to your doorstep.

Carvana started operating in 2012, but it became more popular during the pandemic because of its convenient online buying and selling process that doesn’t require physical contact. It is also famous for having vending machines that sell cars to customers in certain cities.

The automotive retailer has a good rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot. They have received over 8,200 customer reviews. Carvana operates in all 48 states of the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Pros Cons
●      The process of getting a quote is quick and simple.

●      Sell your car from the comfort of your home.

●      You can make payments by ACH transfer or certified check.

●      The offer may not be the highest available.

●      The platform does not provide a private sale option.

Carvana: How to Sell a Car on It?

Carvana gives you the choice to sell or trade-in your car. You have three options for completing this: doing it from your home, meeting Carvana halfway, or going to a Carvana location. In the following sections, we will explain the process of selling a car through Carvana in detail.

Instant Offer

To receive an instant offer from, you will need either your license plate number or your vehicle identification number (VIN).

1- Add Basic Information:

To begin, you need to provide or verify the basic details of your car. Carvana’s system can retrieve your car’s details if you provide the VIN. However, you will still need to verify information like this:

  • Odometer
  • Color of the car
  • Drivetrain type
  • Your ZIP code

During this step, you will be asked whether you want to sell the car or trade it in. You can also use the phrase “Not Sure.” You can also inform Carvana if you currently have an auto loan or lease. If you have a loan or lease on your car, Carvana might be able to buy it. However, you will need to pay off your auto loan or buy out your lease first.

If the value of your car is less than the amount you owe on the loan, you will need to use your own money to cover the remaining balance when selling the car. Carvana financing provide you additional amount in a trade-in, but it means you will owe more than the value of the new car, which is not ideal.

2- Add Features

Afterward, Carvana will request additional information about the features of the vehicle. Adding features such as a sunroof, a premium sound system, and larger rims can increase the value of your car. You might also be asked about other features.

  • Navigation system
  • Heated Seats
  • Power Seats
  • Roof rack
  • Off-road trim
  • Leather interior

3- Condition

Carvana wants to know if your car has any mechanical or cosmetic issues because they will be reselling it. Make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Accident history
  • Exterior damage
  • Interior Damage
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Number of keys
  • Mechanical issues, including air conditioning problems, dim headlights, and a tire-pressure warning light

When you finish the questionnaire, you will provide a grade for the overall condition of your car and enter your email address. After that, you will see Carvana’s instant offer.

Consider the Best Offer

Carvana allows you an entire week to think about their offer. You can click on the link in your email to view the offer at any time throughout the week. Based on our experience, Carvana will keep sending you emails regularly even if you haven’t made a decision after seven days. However, you may need to fill out the questionnaire again in order to receive a second offer, but this can only be done within the first seven days.

If you have a car loan, it’s important to request a 10-day payoff statement from your lender. Carvana can contact your lender to pay off your loan and provide you with any remaining funds.

Accept and Sell Your Car

If you are interested in the amount of money Carvana is willing to pay, you can proceed with selling your car or exchanging it for a new vehicle. You will receive the same offer whether you decide to sell the car or trade it in. These are the next steps:

  • To create an account, please provide your contact information.
  • Please confirm the ownership of the vehicle and provide any information regarding loans or leases associated with it.
  • Please schedule your pickup.
  • Get your car ready and take out any personal belongings.
  • On the day of pickup, you will meet the driver to inspect the item and sign the necessary paperwork.
  • You can choose to receive a check immediately or have the money deposited directly into your account within two to five business days.

If you want to trade in your vehicle, you can choose your next car from Carvana’s inventory and use the value of your trade-in towards your new purchase. You can receive online approval for financing. When Carvana comes to pick up your vehicle, they will also bring your new car. While the Carvana associate inspects and test-drives your old car, you have the opportunity to test-drive it as well.

Documents Req for Sell Car

Carvana will request the following documents in order to confirm the details of your vehicle:

  • Image of the odometer taken from the dashboard
  • Driver’s license copies for everyone listed on the title or registration
  • Images of the front and rear of the vehicle’s paid-off title (a copy can be obtained from your state’s Department of motor vehicles).
  • If your title displays a lienholder, a lien release document is required.
  • 10-day repayment statement if there is a lienholder on the vehicle.

Does Carvana Provide Good Offers?

Carvana provides convenience with at-home pickup and delivery services, but you may find higher offers from an independent dealer in your area. The company has a no-haggle policy, so its offer is the best price it will give you. You’ll get the best offer if your car is in good condition and holds some value on the used market.


Carvana is a trustworthy company that can purchase your car if you reside in the continental United States. In many cases, you can sell your used car without having to leave your house. To find the best deal, compare offers from different car-buying websites.


Is It Worth Selling a Car to Carvana?

While you might be able to get more money selling your car privately, selling it to Carvana could be worth it for the speed and convenience the company offers. You can get an instant cash offer online, and in most areas, you can schedule a time for the vehicle to be picked up from your home.

Does Carvana Actually Pay What It Offers?

Carvana is known for paying the exact amount it offers for used cars. The only time this wouldn’t apply is if your car is in a different condition than what you mentioned in the online questionnaire. Based on online reviews, customers typically receive the promised amount.

How does Carvana value your car?

Carvana decides the value of your car based on the information you provide about its trim, options, accident history, and mileage. Carvana uses various sources of information, such as service records, pricing guides, and its own market analysis, to make a customized offer.

How does one Get an Offer on Junk Vehicles?

If you want to receive an offer for your old vehicle, you will need to provide the VIN, as well as the make, model, mileage, and condition of the car. Once you agree to an offer, you will need the car title in order to sell it to the junkyard.