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Sekiro: Multiplayer Mods In Development, Currently Supports Three Players


David Mudd

There is a piece of good news for all the gamers out there! Sekiro is developing a multiplayer mod for the game.

Now, this ought to be something. Ever since that the news has been out, everyone is very excited about this. They want to try this as quickly as possible. So, the information about this is posted on YouTube.

The user has given more information about the development of these Sekiro multiplayer mods. And that is what has got everyone excited.

Now there isn’t much about when we can all try it, but the fact that it is under the works is sure to get us all hyped up. So, keep reading for more information.


What Does The Video Show?

The videos are a Sekiro series. There are many of them describing exactly what is happening. So, the initial ones are merely the tests.

Now the animations or syncs are not working right on those. But then the creator got those issues straight. So we see a better view of the information that he wants to provide.

More than that, we know that the multiplayer mod will wok well. This will be done by a series of improvements in them.

So, you’ll be able to get more than 3 members. As of now, you can have almost 3 people.

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What Do We Know Sekiro?

Now the syncs and the animations are set straight. So we have good sync for the bullets, the world events, and even the effects.

There is added animation in the game. You get improved session stability. That must be a relief. Moreover, you get more animation on combat arts as well as prosthetic tools. In addition to that, the game has improved overall.

It is much more smooth and stable to work with. So, there aren’t many crashes issues. That will be an ease for many players.


More About It

This Sekiro game is developed by From software and they have never failed to impress. Time and again we have got good games from them.

Now the game is already a success and this update is all set to soar the levels to a new high. However, there still are issues that they are working on. But that hasn’t affected the performance of the game in the markets to date.

The Sekiro game has brilliantly sold about a million units only last year. So we don’t know what this year will do to its performance.