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Sekirei 3: Plot | Trailer | Cast


David Mudd

Anime has been the most dominant form of entertainment for quite some time now. With multiple genres and subgenres, the anime industry is like an ever-evolving vortex of new ideas. In this context, it is safe to say that Sekirei perfectly fits, as this too has an uncommon storyline. The series covers the genres of Supernatural, romance and harem comedy. Sekirei 3 will be a must watch!

 Among these series, few are originals and most of them are adapted from Mangas or Light Novels. Sekirei too is taken from a manga. Its bittersweet subject matter and strong touches of Harem comedy have earned love from a large number of viewers across the globe. The first season was released in 2008 in Japan and the second season in 2010. In the US it ran till 2017. 

This article here is about the possibilities regarding season 3 of this delightful anime named Sekirei. 

Adaptation of Sekirei 3

The manga was written and illustrated by Sakurako Gokurakuin. It was first published on January 30, 2004.

Plot of Sekirei 3

The story is set in modern-day Japan and it starts with a young boy called Minato Sahashi. Minato is a 19-year-old boy who lacks confidence. This is the reason Minato failed twice in the Placement Test. Just when everybody gave up on him, deeming him worthless, Minato gets caught up in the strangest of events. 

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Minato meets Musubi 

One Minato was outside and a young beautiful girl fell from the sky literally, right on his head. They kiss accidentally. If you think this was the ” wow” part, wait for it. 

After this Minato finds out that Musubi is a Sekirei and Minato himself, by kissing her has become her Ashikaba and now they must battle with other Sekirei teams to death. 

Now before you decide none that made any sense, give us a chance to explain. We promise we will do our best. 

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The Origin

The Sekireis are a species from outer space. They were found in Japan almost two decades ago. A spaceship, filled with Sekirei Pillars, embryos and fertilized eggs crash-landed on an island. University students Minaka Hiroto and Takami Sahashi discovered it. Later Minaka comes up with the Sekirei Plan as a response to the discovery of this extraterrestrial race. 

A Sekirei has a similar physical form to humans. Except they are stronger, faster and capable of growing wings. In a way, they are supernatural beings who have been deliberately adjusted by the MBI who capitalize on the Sekirei fights. 

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Powers of a Sekirei 

a glimpse from Sekirei 3
Featuring a still from Sekirei 3!

The strength of A Sekirei depends on their bond with their Ashikabis. If the relationship between them is strong and full of love, it enhances the fighting prowess of a Sekirei. According to Musubi who is a Sekirei, the final winner of MBI Sekirei plan, gets to remain with their Ashikabi forever. When a Sekirei is winged, its power increases. In a way they are battle-ready. 

Since Musubi, Minto has winged 5 more Sekirei and became their Ashikabi. 


An Ashikabi is a kind of contractual partner for a Sekirei. Each Sekirei has his or her own Ashikabi. But first, the Sekirei must find their true Ashikabi and they kiss to seal the bond while chanting their Norito or loyalty pledging player. When the Sekirei meets her true Ashikabi, she feels a forceful pull towards that person. She feels extremely attached to that person. Only a true Ashikabi can release the Wings of a Sekirei, making them more powerful.

The Sekirei Plan 

It’s a game show organized and conducted by MiB chairperson Minaka Hiroto. The summary remains that the real-time game must continue and the participation of Sekirei is mandatory. The game has five stages. Till now three stages have been shown. 

Main characters of Sekirei 3

the characters of Sekirei 3
Sekirei 3 and its amazing characters!

Minato Sahashi  

Minato is a highly intelligent young boy. It is because he lacks confidence and self-assertion. He is deeply caring and nice and sweet. He has a strong emotional side too. When he found out his first Sekirei, Musubi’s crest was disappearing, implying her end he cried. Since Musubi, he has winged,i.e.activated powers in, five more Sekirei. They are –

  • Kusano 
  • Matsu 
  • Tsukiumi 
  • Kahana
  • Homura
  • Minato’s mother is shown to be working in MBI and it is strongly implied that Minaka Hiroto is his father. 


the main lead actors of Sekirei 3
Featuring the lead actors of Sekirei 3!

She dropped on Minato and that is how they met. She is Minato’s first Sekirei. She is the first person to tell Minato about the whole Sekirei story and the MBI plan. Personality-wise, she is optimistic and carefree, a loyal fighter. She has always loved Minato. 

Minaka Hiroto 

He is the game master of the horrible and cruel Sekirei plan. He has made the Sekireis pawns in his life-threatening money making a game of madness. 

Sekirei season 3 

The unique content of the show, introducing humans’ oldest desire to capitalize on the other species is presented with a new twist. It kind of reminds me of The Hunger Games, in which life was shown as only collateral. 

The third phase of the game show has already started and we hope season 3 will be about the final two phases of the game. 

Release date of Sekirei 3

Sadly, we have no confirmation as of yet that the series will come back for a 3 Rd season. Seven arc studios, who used to produce the series have been really quiet over the talk of a new season. 

Sekirei 3 Available on

The older episodes of the show are available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Plus, if you are an anime- buff, you are going to love the fandom theories and fanfic that abound on the net. 


Sekirei is one of the best anime series that ever existed. It has lots of action-packed powerful moments, delivering a strong message on human beings’ obsession over dominating others. Minato’s own character is quite a contrast to his father Minaka, who runs this insane show. This serves to be a crucial plot for the future seasons. 

Drop your comments below to let us know how you like the show or if you plan to watch it. 

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