See What Ed Kelce Said About His Son Travis’ and Taylor Swift’s Budding Romance! Also Shared His Favorite Taylor’s Song!


Chahat Rana

Everyone’s Favorite Taylor Swift and Football Tight End Travis Kelce’s romantic relationship is the talk of the town. Now, Travis’ Dad has opened up about what he feels about the couple, and it is adorable. He showered Taylor with praises and exuded a super supporting vibe to his son’s relationship with Taylor Swift.

Ed Kelce in an interview with ET revealed, “I just think it’s great. They’re two wonderful people and they are enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other.” The Blank Space Singer made headlines when she first displayed herself at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Kansas City face off with the Chicago Bears.

She enjoyed the match and supported her beau Travis who plays for Kansas City. After Surprise Cameo, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave ‘SNL’ After Party Together HOLDING HANDS.

Ed thinks that the Grammy winner singer is very genuine and she is very humble despite being a global icon. He said, “She’s been performing for huge crowds longer than she hasn’t, over half her life. And for someone to be so grounded.”

Travis and Taylor recently turned the heads of the public as they shared a smooch before his game in NYC. Taylor Swift Dons a Special Friendship Bracelet With His Sweater as She Supports Her Lover Travis Kelce.

Ed Kelce says that understanding is the key to their relationship and shows how committed they are to each other. He also added, “I think they are two very, very driven professional individuals,” he says. “I think they’re very supportive of each other, which is key. This is a rough time for either one of them to have a relationship. She’s in the middle of this ginormous tour, he’s knee-deep [in the NFL season]. At least he takes his just as seriously as she takes hers as far as commitment to their craft.”

Taylor and Travis kelce

Ed also admired Taylor for her commitment to her music career and stated that he also loved her songs. Travis’s mom Donna is also Swiftie. He also shared that his whole family is excited to meet Taylor and they are looking forward to their meeting. His granddaughters are excited the most.

“They’ll flip, no doubt,” he says of his granddaughters. Taylor Swift CONFIRMED Live Version of ‘Cruel Summer’ & New Remix ‘For Old Time’s Sake’.

Taylor is presently on her Eras Tour but she will always have a seat for Travis’s game even when they know she will not be able to make it. This shows the understanding between them. Ed said that he is extremely happy for Travis and Taylor, and he wants them to cherish each other as long as they can.


Ed also revealed his favourite Taylor Swift song and that is YOU BELONG WITH ME. He shared that he listens to this song very often.

He also shared love advice and he thinks that respect is the most crucial element of a couple’s life. He goes, “Being genuine with your feelings. Being respectful of a woman, and that’s taught from a young age. Be yourself, and be honest with someone’s emotions. But these are all things that they’ve understood growing up just being the norm.”  he also stated that he shared the same advice with both of his sons Jason and Travis Kelce.