See the David Letterman flub that left Maya Rudolph ‘humiliated’



Maya Rudolph has recently been in an interview with “The Late Show with David Letterman”. While fans have loved the discussion it seems a completely different way for Maya. 

In 2009, Maya Rudolph appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman”. She has revealed that “He said my name wrong, and I just sat there, like, I grew up my whole life in love with you. And now my heart is broken. And I’m sitting here embarrassed and humiliated,”

“I didn’t know how to handle it,” she continued. “I didn’t know how to come up with something funny to say. My public persona muscle wasn’t strong yet.”

Rudolph started to gain fame after joining “Saturday Night Live” in 1999. She revealed that her experience on the shows has been struggling a lot. She explained how she has been during that time. She also announced her red-carpet appearance during the early days of her life and career.

Talking about the experience, she clearly said that she didn’t like David Letterman’s show. 

Maya Rudolph didn’t love her time on David Letterman’s show in 2009. She said  “embarrassed and humiliated” by Letterman. 

She also explained, “It would always feel like someone was stealing my soul,”.

She also appeared,  “That’s where, over the years, I created a persona to protect myself. “I’ve gotten much better. When I’m uncomfortable, I try to be funny.”

She has been in the limelight for more than a decade however when asked to her, she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity. “I know I’m a working actor and people know who I am, but I don’t feel like a celebrity, because that word means something else today to me,” she said. 

“There are a lot of different types of celebrities these days and a lot of self-made celebrities where people are famous for being famous, and that isn’t what I do.”

In 2009, Rudolph was pregnant during her appearance on Letterman. At the time, Maya Rudolph Shares kids Pearl, 17, Lucille, 12, Jack, 11, and Minnie, 9, with partner Paul Thomas Anderson. 

Rudolph’s revelations came in a cover story interview for WSJ. magazine.

Rudolph was pregnant at the time of her 2009 “Letterman” appearance.

During her chat with WSJ, The actress explained that she makes a concerted effort to prioritize family no matter how busy work gets. Also, she explained what her life has been through lately.

Hearing the news, one fan wrote, “Maya Rudolph just gave the oddest interview where 13 years ago David Letterman said her name wrong and she said it wrecked, embarrassed, and humiliated her, and broke her heart. A bit much?”

On the other hand, many people don’t like how she handled the situation 12 years ago. One person said, “I don’t get the Maya Rudolph Letterman story. In the clip, he seems to say her name right, and then he apologizes profusely. Why was she humiliated?”

Maya earlier remarked by saying, “He said my name wrong, and I just sat there, like, I grew up my whole life in love with you,” but it seems like people afre not happy with the remark.