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See How Whisper Left Personal Data Of People Exposed Over The Years


David Mudd

What Is Whisper?

Whisper is an Android OS and iOS mobile phone application that is free of charge.

It is similar to an anonymous social media app where users can post and share pictures and videos without revealing their identity.

However, recently the privacy issues regarding the app are coming out in the open.

Whisper Exposes Data Of Its Users

A report suggests how Whisper is exposing the data of millions of users using the platform.

The report in the Washington Post says that independent cyber-security researchers discovered the data.

Matthew Porter and Dan Ehrlich are the ones that show it to the public how they can access over 900 million users’ files in Whisper.

What we know of now is Whisper is exposing the personal data of its users through a public online database.

The database is not protected using a password. Therefore the data is available to everyone out in the open.

Even though the app does not give out the name of the users, it does reveal other information of the users.

The leaked information consists of age, location, ethnicity, in-app age, residence and membership.

Also, intimate information about sexual confessions and involvement

Information that is supposed to be in confidence is now available as a general information

Whisper Violates Norms

“This has very much violated the societal and ethical norms we have around the protection of children online.”

Users whose data are out in the open mostly belong to the 15 to 18 age group.

The rights of minors are getting violated by the app and need immediate attention.

Cybersecurity is looking into the matter as the information can be used to blackmail or extort money from the users.

Whisper Tries To Cover Up Their Mess

Federal law enforcement officials are looking into the matter to expose the company name holders.

However, shortly after the news regarding privacy concerns comes out, Whisper tries to clear its mess.

After the researchers make contact with Whisper, the information from the database was erased.

The company is “grossly negligent” news reports state everywhere.

Now, regarding the use of the Whisper app is still lying on edge.

No measures against it have been taken yet.

However, we can hope the authorities give it a strict check regarding its data handling.