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See How To Download YouTube Videos In 1080 Pixels


David Mudd

YouTube is one of the most growing platforms right now. People are getting past Tv and newspapers. This has become a whole new way to stream videos.

Also, people are interested in it. YouTube has brought in a new revolution. In the past few years, it has recorded tremendous growth. Each day, the artists on Youtube grow by an enormous number.

They are taking this platform to talk, and present. New people are trying to express their talent over this platform. It is truly one of the best and cheapest ways to create content.

Anyone can start a new channel if they feel like they have something to express. So, the people watching these videos are also increasing.


And everyone wants the very best for them. So, they want to watch these videos in the best possible quality. High-speed internet, therefore, becomes a necessity.

Your Wifi and cellular network should be having a good internet connection. Only then will you be able to enjoy your videos.

The Available Resolution Options

Youtube is available at a lot of quality levels. You can start from a 144p up to 8k. The standard resolution is usually a 360-pixel resolution.

And the standard definition resolution is 480p SD. However, the HD resolutions are what gathers the most hype. This is because they provide a lot of quality.

So, ranging from 720p and including 1080p, these are very good options. They give you a lot of clarity.

Also, these are the options that most Youtubers use now. Now, Youtube also has ultra-HD resolutions. They include 2k,4k, and 8k.


How Is Your Resolution Decided?

Your resolution is automatically set by the display size of your device and your connection speed.

As your connection speed drops, so does the quality. If you set your video on a certain quality, it will then begin to buffer.

So, to get out of this loop, it’s best to have content downloaded. This way you can watch it on the go.

Also, you can get a lot of content on your device when your internet connection is good for those times when it isn’t.

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How To Download In 1080p?

Now, to download your favorite videos in 720p, 1080p, you only have to follow these steps. It will make it very easy for you to get downloaded videos.


  • INstall Youtube Video Downloader
  • Find the Youtube video that you want to download
  • Copy the Video URL
  • Paste the URL in the app
  • Select the format you want to download it.
  • Now, click download.

Your file downloads and you can use it whenever you feel like.