Secrets Of The Elephants Release Date: Dive Into National Geographic’s Latest Groundbreaking Documentary Series!


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“Secrets of” returns with its latest installment, and the Secrets of the Elephants release date is out. Elephants have enormous power, devotion, and intelligence, but we have just scratched the surface of their unfathomable mysteries. Get ready to witness the critically acclaimed and groundbreaking documentary series

Release Date Of Secrets of the Elephants

Secrets of the Elephants will premiere with the first two episodes on National Geographic on Friday, April 21 2023 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The remaining two episodes will run on Saturday, April 22, as part of the Earth Day celebration. In the meanwhile, you may watch Secrets of the Whales on Disney+.

Plot of Secrets of the Elephants

Building on the success of “Secrets of the Whales” which debuted on Disney+ for Earth Day, National Geographic is preparing to unveil “Secrets of the Elephants,” a new documentary series that dives into the fascinating and complicated world of elephants.

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The four-part series is produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large James Cameron who holds a good net worth. It will take viewers on a journey through Africa’s savannahs. It will show Asia’s bustling cities to uncover the intricate social dynamics, advanced communication systems, and emotional complexity of these majestic creatures.

Secrets Of The Elephants Release Date

The planned four-part series “Secrets of the Elephants” will be narrated by Academy Award nominee Natalie Portman. who just in case enjoys a lavish lifestyle. It will feature elephant specialist Dr. Paula Kahumbu. The series dives into the lives of many elephant families and analyses their connections to people. The goal of the series is to forever change the audience’s perspectives of elephants.

Trailer Of Secrets of the Elephants

National Geographic has launched a new trailer for their upcoming documentary series Secrets of the Elephants. It is part of James Cameron’s critically acclaimed “Secrets Of” series.

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The four-part series will premiere on National Geographic on April 21, 2023, just before Earth Day, and the following day on Disney+ in the United States. It will be globally released shortly after that.

Where To Watch Secrets of the Elephants?

The highly anticipated documentary series, Secrets of the Elephants will be available on National Geographic on April 21, 2023. The following day, viewers can catch it on Disney Plus, and eventually on Hulu as well.

Other Instalments Of The “Secret” Series

The Secrets of the franchise began in 2021 with Secrets of the Whales. It will conclude with Secrets of the Elephants. James Cameron, the series creator, has revealed that each year, a new Secrets of series would highlight a different aspect of nature. Secrets of the Octopus is set to be the franchise’s next installment.

Secrets Of The Elephants Release Date

During the Television Critics Association’s 2023 Winter Press Tour, James Cameron revealed two new series that will be added to the Secrets of the franchise. The first is Secrets of the Bees, which will use new macro technology to delve into the world of insects. The second is Secrets of the Penguins, which will serve as a spiritual successor to March of the Penguins and will have been filmed over a period of three years.

Other Documentaries By Cameron

Cameron also announced Titanic: 25 Years Later, a documentary special that will explore not only his iconic film but also the history of the real ship. It will examine the infamous sinking through a modern lens using modern research and technology. It will air on National Geographic on February 5, in preparation for the remastered theatrical release of Titanic on February 10 for Valentine’s Day.

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