What Do We Know So Far About the Secret Life of Pets Cast? Get to Know More!!


Aditi Deshinge

The Secret Life of Pets is an American computer animated comedy movie which was released in 2016 and is produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal pictures. The movie was directed by Yarrow Cheney and produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy.

The screenplay of the movie was penned by Brian Lynch and the writing team of Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

The Secret Life of Pets serves as the first movie in the franchise of same name. The movie was premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on 16th of June, 2016 and was released in theatres in the United States on 8th of July by Universal Pictures.

Secret Life of Pets Cast

The Secret Life of Pets generally has received positive reviews and grossed around $894 million throughout the world And made it the sixth highest grossed movie of 2016. It was the year’s most profitable release.

Part 2 of The Secret Life of Pets was released on 7th of June 2019 along with Patton Oswalt taking over the role of Max from Louis C. K.

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Trailer –

Check out the trailer of the Secret Life of Pets in given below video.

What is the Secret Life of Pets Cast?

Check out the Secret Life of Pets cast along with their characters below –

  • Louis Max, a Jack Russell Terrier
  • Eric Stonestreetas Duke, a large, brown, shaggy Newfoundland mix who becomes Max’s adoptive brother
  • Kevin Hartas Snowball, a white rabbit
  • Jenny Slateas Gidget, a white Pomeranian
  • Ellie Kemperas Katie, Max and Duke’s owner
  • Lake Bellas Chloe, a morbidly fat and apathetic grey tabby cat
  • Dana Carveyas Pops, an elderly Basset Hound grandpa who is paralyzed in his back legs
  • Hannibal Buressas Buddy, a laid-back miniature dachshund
  • Bobby Moynihanas Mel, a hyperactive pug
  • Steve Cooganas Ozone, a Cockney-accented Sphynx cat
  • Coogan also voices Reginald, a Himalayan catresiding in Brooklyn
  • Albert Brooks as Tiberius, a curmudgeonly red-tailed hawk
  • Chris Renaud as Norman, a guinea pig who keeps getting lost trying to find his apartment
  • Michael Beattie as Tattoo, a slow-witted tattooed pig who is one of the Flushed Pets
  • Sandra Echeverría as Maria, a character from the La Pasión de la Pasión telenovela that Gidget watches
  • Jaime Camil as Fernando, a character from the La Pasión de la Pasión telenovela that Gidget watches
  • Kiely Renaud as Molly, a little girl who adopts Snowball

What Are the Reviews for the Secret Life of Pets?

The review aggregator rotten tomatoes gave an approval rating of 72% which is based on 236 reviews with an average rating of 6.3 out of 10. The website states that –

“Fast-paced, funny, and blessed with a talented voice cast, The Secret Life of Pets offers a beautifully animated, cheerfully undemanding family-friendly diversion.”

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film three out of four stars and called it “an animated fluffball—a sort of Toy Story with pets does everything to drive you crazy and ends up being totally irresistible.”

Secret Life of Pets Cast

Steven Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film three out of four stars and said “In much the same way that the smash Zootopia demonstrated that creatures of different culture and class and species are better off when they come together, The Secret Life of Pets is a testament to teamwork and friendship and fixing the rifts that divide us. Let the fur—and the warm, fuzzy feelings—fly.”

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Matthew Parkinson of The Escapist compared the plots of both films and wrote that “The Secret Life of Pets feels like one of those hour-long ripoffs you’d see on a children’s television network.”

Ethan Anderton of the website /Film criticised the film’s characterisation, and noted that the relationship between Max and Duke was akin to “Woody and Buzz Lightyear all over again.”

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