Secret Escapes Review: Is Secret Escapes Reliable?



Have you ever imagined going on vacation and enjoying a luxurious pool at a 5-star hotel while sipping martinis? You can save money with Secret Escapes. Learn how now.

We all love getting a good deal, whether we’ve been all over the world or are planning our first trip.

But sometimes it’s hard to find these deals and discounts, especially if you want to travel in style. But what if you could travel in style without spending a lot of money? The company Secret Escapes says that they are the answer to this situation.

Can Secret Escapes really help you find great deals on luxury hotels so you can stay in style without going broke?

Now let’s find out!

About Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes is a service that helps you get special deals on luxury hotels in the UK and other countries. They negotiate these exclusive rates for you.

To get the best rates, simply sign up with your email address. Don’t worry, membership is free. Once you provide your email address, you will be able to access the online deals and receive them directly in your inbox.

Secret Escapes is a service that helps you find the best hotels and holidays at the best price. They act as your agent to make the process easier for you.

What They Offer?

Secret Escapes not only provides luxury hotels, but also offers experiences that you can book for your holiday. You can also find flexible holidays through third-party operators, who are trusted partners. This means that you have the option to book more than just your accommodation through Secret Escapes if you want.

Go to their page with current deals to see what’s popular and currently available!

You can search for trips based on keywords like boutique hotels, all-inclusive holidays, Lake District breaks, or Northern Lights holidays by browsing their collections.

Secret Escapes Membership Requirements

You don’t need to live in the UK to join Secret Escapes, but you do need to live in one of the places where they offer their services.

The countries included are Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.

Secret Escapes operates in 21 countries around the world.

But be careful not to mix them up with Luxury Escapes, because they are quite similar. Luxury Escapes is a travel service based in Australia. It is similar to Secret Escapes and provides affordable deals on hotels and resorts.

Is Secret Escapes Reliable?

Secret Escapes Review

Yes, definitely! However, don’t just depend on my opinion.

Out of over 9,000 Secret Escapes reviews, nearly 61% of them are excellent. Customers who left reviews have reported that they were able to receive refunds promptly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, Secret Escapes consistently fulfills their promise of providing high-quality hotels and holidays.

Many reviews suggest that it is important to carefully read the fine print in your reservations. This will help you understand what is included and what is not included in your package.

If you need to cancel your reservations, Secret Escapes has flexible cancellation policies, especially for Covid-19 related situations.

Is It ATOL protected?

When you book holiday packages through Secret Escapes, your money is protected. If your package includes flights, you will be protected by the ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence scheme). You will receive an ATOL certificate along with your booking confirmation.

If you buy a package that only includes a hotel, ATOL does not cover you. Secret Escapes recommends that you purchase travel insurance.

Before finalizing your holiday with Secret Escapes, it’s important to confirm what protection applies to your booking. Keep in mind that not all holiday and travel services offered by Secret Escapes are covered by ATOL protection.

If you book your trip through a third-party company and they don’t give you an ATOL certificate from a tour operator, you won’t be protected by ATOL.

How Does This Work?

The founders of Secret Escapes believe that hotels don’t like having empty beds. Secret Escapes aims to persuade hotels to offer their rooms at discounted rates, which ultimately benefits you.

If you want a hotel, spa, or something in between, Secret Escapes has many luxurious accommodation options at affordable prices.

Secret Escapes App

Android App: Click Here

Ios App : Click Here

Are Secret Escapes Trips Refundable?

It’s important to understand that not all Secret Escapes trips can be fully refunded, or refunded at all.

If you want to make sure you can get a refund, you can filter trips on the website to only show stays that offer refunds. You can cancel your booking depending on the sale you made. You have the option to cancel up to eight or 30 days before your check-in date. Make sure to read the details of the sale you’ve booked so you know the deadline for your date.

Secret Escapes: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Plenty of resources available.
  • Free membership!
  • Available in many platforms.
  • Highly varied Customer Service Experiences.
  • Frequent Internal Communication Errors
  • Geographical Restrictions for Memberships

Is Secret Escapes Worth It?

If you want to find luxury hotels at great prices for your next vacation, Secret Escapes is the website to check out.

You can explore different travel options and book your dream accommodation without spending any money. If you’re searching for affordable luxury accommodations, we think Secret Escapes is worth considering because of its attractive feature.

Depending on your location, there could be limitations on membership, and certain deals offered by Secret Escapes may not be applicable to you. But, there are also many other services for you to try out. The online reviews for Secret Escapes have a wide range of opinions, but most of them lean towards having a great experience.


In summary, Secret Escapes is a free platform offering exclusive deals on luxury hotels and holiday experiences. Customer reviews are mostly positive, emphasizing its reliability during the pandemic and flexible cancellation policies. While there are some geographical limitations and varying customer service experiences, it’s a valuable option for travelers seeking affordable luxury accommodations. ATOL protection is available for packages including flights, ensuring financial security.