Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Date, Reddit Spoilers, Recap and More!


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Manhwa is originated in South Korea. It has gained popularity in South Korea and internationally, with manhwas being translated into different languages for a global audience. We have brought a well-known manhwa for you today.

Secret Class is a popular South Korean manhwa which is created by Minachan. It carries the genre of romance, comedy, and adult content. It tells the story of a high school teacher who leads a secret life as a popular adult webcomic artist.

Secret Class has released many chapters and is all set to release Secret Class Chapter 194. Let’s explore to know Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Date, Recap of previous chapter, Spoilers of chapter 194, platform to read it and much more facts. Have a look on what we have found out so far for you. Let’s get started. 

Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Date

Secret Class is an adult manhwa that is for adult audience. It keeps on releasing chapters every week. For now, Secret Class is about to release Chapter 194 and the wait is finally over as we finally have a release date. Secret Class Chapter 194 will release on 05 Nov, 2023.

Are you excited for the upcoming chapter that is on the way? Well, we need to wait a little longer to witness the events of the new chapter. In order to keep you updated, we will talk more Secret Class Chapter 194. Keep reading. Also read about the release of these popular manga’s upcoming chapters, My lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 101 Release Date, and Blue Box Chapter 119 Release Date

Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Date

Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Time

Here’s the international schedule for Secret Class Chapter 194 as per different region:

  • Central Standard Time, CST: On Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 09:00 CST
  • Eastern Standard Time, EST: On Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 10:00 EST
  • India Standard Time, IST: On Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 20:30 IST
  • New York, USA: On Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 11:00 EDT
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST: On Sun, 5 Nov 2023 at 01:00 AEST
  • Korea Standard Time, KST: On Sun, 5 Nov 2023 at 00:00 KST
  • Japan Standard Time, JST: On Sun, 5 Nov 2023 at 00:00 JST

Secret Class Chapter 194 Raw Scan

Fans of the series are getting excited to know what will happen in the next chapter. As of now the raw scans are unavailable but worry not. We have a good news for you. The raw scans for Secret Class Chapter 194 is set to release on Nov 02, 2023.

Secret Class Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter of Secret Class, we have seen that Mia and Sohyun got to spend time together that helped in making their connection stronger than ever. Mia reacheed out to Kobong and invited him over.

On the ther hand, we have also observed that Sohyun and Daeho are still in a relationship, with plans for Kobong to be the next in line after it ends. Mia exited to give them privacy, and later, Kobong entered the room. In addition, Sohyun started blushing as Kobong expressed her appreciation for his confession. Get witnessed more of recaps based on its previous chapters Secret Class Chapter 192, and Secret Class Chapter 193

Secret Class Chapter 194 Release Date

Secret Class Chapter 194 Reddit Spoilers

The previous chapter concluded on a suspenseful note, meaning a lot to be revealed in the new chapter. The official spoilers for Secret Class Chapter 194 is not out yet as the spoilers usually get released 3-4 days before the original release date. We know that readers are very excited about its spoilers. The performance of previous chapters have set the bar so high that expect delightful content from the new chapter is a must.

In the new chapter, we may expect a love triangle between Sohyun, Kobong, and Daeho. The development of feelings could clearly be seen between Sohyun and Kobong. Well, this is just an assumption. Kindly wait for the official spoilers.

Secret Class Chapter 194 Spoilers are not out yet and it might be out on Nov 02, 2023. It is believed that spoilers get released 3-4 day before the actual release date. Keep waiting for the spoilers. Enthusiastic fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming chapter, excited to discover the suspense.

Where To Read Secret Class Chapter 194?

Are you a Secret Class webcomic enthusiast? If you’re in search of Chapter 194, we have a suitable platform for you. You will be able to read it on Webtoon, a hub for a wide array of webcomics, including Secret Class. Enjoy reading at the time of its release.

There are many online resources where you can read it. However, we would like to suggest our readers to read the further chapters from official website only to pay off the hard work of original creators.

Why You Should Read Secret Class?

With the availability of multiple of manhwas in the world, we understand it’s sometimes get hard to decide whether the particular manhwa is worth reading or not. If you are confused regarding Secret Class, let us provide you our thought on this.

If you are someone who love reading about sensuality, Secret Class is an excellent choice for adult webcomics enthusiasts. It offers mature themes. Whether you want to read it or not depends on your personal choice but if it goes well with your taste, you will surely enjoy reading it. What do you think? Are you going to read it? 

Secret Class Main Characters

  • Seojun Moon: The protagonist of the manga series, a married high school teacher who is in secret relationships.
  • Ha-Neul Kang: A married lady having an affair with Seojun.
  • Ji-Eun Yoon: Another lady into Seojun’s secret relationships.


Secret Class is a South Korean manhwa series created by Minachan. Secret Class Chapter 194 will release on 05, Nov. 2023. The international release has been mentioned. You will be able to read Secret Class Chapter 194 on Webtoon. The official spoilers and raw scans are not out as of now, however they will come out on 02 Nov. 2023. The new chapter is going to be very exciting.

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