Secret Class Chapter 188 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap and Where To Read!


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Secret Class Chapter 188 release date is something readers are very curious to know about. The manhwa is getting popular day by day and its thrilling as well as romance elements making it even more interesting.

Today, through this article, we are going to provide you all the authentic and latest updates about Secret Class Chapter 188 release date, raw scans release date, spoilers, recap and much more. Enjoy reading!

Secret Class Chapter 188 Release Date

If you are a Manhwa fan, it is quite obvious that you must be waiting for the release of upcoming chapter and hence we want to inform you that As of now, Secret Class Chapter 188 release date has not been out yet. The release date is yet to be announced and we don’t have any release date for now.

However, don’t lose hope as it can be announced anytime soon. Stay in touch for further updates regarding its release!

Secret Class Chapter 188 Release Date

Secret Class Chapter 188 Raw Scans Release Date

The release date for Secret Class Chapter 188 raw scans has not been announced either. The raw scans releases just 2-3 days before official release. With no information of its official release, it’s hard to predict the release date of raw scans. We will update it here once it is confirmed. Also read the release date of Wind Breaker

Secret Class Chapter 187 Recap

Want to know what happened in the previous chapter, chapter 187? Well, here you go. It focused on the very complicated relationship of Wang Jung and Seohyun. They had arguement and Wang June came to realize that feelings towards Seohyun rising. On the other hans, Seohyun finds herself in a love traingle and she is stuck between Wang Jung and her husband, Sanghoon.

The complicated love traingle has indeed created suspense and now readers are wondering about the future decission, who will end up with whom? Do you think Seohyn will choose Wang Jung over her husband? Get through more recaps of based on previous chapters Secret Class Chapter 185 and Secret Class Chapter 186.

Secret Class Chapter 188 Release Date

Secret Class Chapter 188 Spoilers

The complexity of the relationship between Wang Jung and Seohyun will be the base of Chapter 188 and the upcoming chapter will continue from where it left off in the previous chapter. The readers are still unaware of the final decission of this complicated relationship and how it will affect everyone and their relationship with others.

Even though the official spoiler has not yet out so we don’t know what can happen next? But based on recap, it’s true to assume that the complexity of emotional dilema will soon to be unfold in the upcoming chapter. Also read about more mangas that you can find interesting  Noragami Chapter 116 Release Date and Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Release Date

Where To Read Secret Class Chapter 188?

Looking forward to give it a read? You will be able to read Secret Class Chapter 188 on Webtoon. You can find out more reliable Manhwas on the same platform. We suggest you to read it from official sites to give credites to authentic makers, rather than finding it on other online sources.

Secret Class: Should Read or Not?

So you haven’t read secret class yet and you are confused whether to give it a read or not? If you haven’t read it yet, you should defintely give it a read. The manhwa is filled with emotions elements, each character in this manhwa share different emotions that stuck them in the same platform. This manhwa is little different than other manhwas in this time. So the answer is yes, you should read it.


Secret class is a manhwa revolves around the complixity of emotions and complicated relationship of Seohyn and Wang Jung. The upcoming chapter of this manhwa is going to be chapter 188, and readers are getting very excited to know what will happen in Secret Class Chapter 188. As of now, Secret Class Chapter 188 release date has not been out yet. We will update it here once it is officially out. Stay in touch.

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