Secret Class Chapter 167 Release Date and Spoilers: Dae Ho Confronts Emotions And Struggles With Relationships In Manga Series!


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Keep up with the latest Secret Class Chapter 167 release date! To find out when, where, and on what day it will be available, keep reading. Don’t miss the latest romantic comedy installment, which has captivated a large international audience. After the events of Su Ah and Dae Ho’s intimate moment in bed in Chapter 166 of the manga, fans were left in suspense. Discover what unfolded in the subsequent chapters.

About Secret Class Manga Series

Secret Class is a popular Korean comic series about a high school student who discovers his attractive teacher’s secret life. The romantic comedy genre is known for its distinct plot and detailed characters in the manhwa. Because of its engaging story, comedic elements, and romantic aspects, Secret Class 167 has attracted a large international audience.

Release Date Of Secret Class Chapter 167

Secret Class Chapter 167 is scheduled to be released on April 3, 2023, and 4, 2023 according to the official announcement made by the creators of the manhwa. It can be difficult to keep track of the release date due to conflicting information on various websites. To stay informed about the latest news on the manhwa’s release, following the official social media pages of its creators is one of the simplest ways.

Release Time Of Secret Class Chapter 167

The release time of Secret Class Chapter 167 varies depending on the time zone. Pacific Daylight Time on the West Coast, is 7:00 AM PDT on April 3, 2023.

For Central Daylight Time in Central America and Canada, it is 9:00 AM CDT on April 3, 2023. For Eastern Daylight Time on the East Coast, it is 10:00 AM EDT on April 3, 2023. In Greenwich Meditarian Time in Britain, it is 5:00 PM BST on April 3, 2023. In Indian Standard Time in India, it is 8.30 PM IST on April 3, 2023.

Secret Class Chapter 167 Release Date

In Korean Standard Time in Korea, it is Midnight KST on April 3, 2023. In Japanese Standard Time in Korea, it is Midnight JST on April 3, 2023. In Australia Eastern Daylight Time in Australia, it is 02:00 AM AEDT on April 3, 2023.

Recap Of Secret Class Chapter 166

Dae Ho’s sister Soo-Ah was furious with him for breaking his promise in Secret Class Chapter 166. Despite her efforts to appear calm in front of him, she was clearly agitated on the inside. Soo-Ah knew Dae-Ho had promised her he wouldn’t hurt anyone, but seeing him with Yu-Hee bothered her.

Mia was caught lying to Dae-Ho and Su-Ah, which put her in a difficult situation. She couldn’t think of anything to say as they both stared at her. She had lied to Dae-Ho in order to ease the tension between him and Su-Ah, but she had not anticipated being caught so quickly.

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After Su-Ah has left, the scene shifts to Dae-Ho conversing with his friend Go-Bang. Dae-Ho expresses boredom and a desire to spend time with his friend, but Go-Bang declines. He tells Dae-Ho that he’ll be spending time with his crush, So Hyun. Dae-Ho is left disappointed and lonely once more as he realizes he lacks close relationships in his life.

Spoiler Of Secret Class Chapter 167

Dae Ho suggested that everyone would be pleased if Su Ah also agreed to the proposal. Su Ah was taken aback and asked Mia for confirmation on whether Dae Ho’s statement was accurate or not. Under pressure from Dae Ho, Mia eventually disclosed that she had agreed to it.

Secret Class Chapter 167 Release Date

Initially, Su Ah was adamant about rejecting the proposal, which surprised Dae Ho. Mia, on the other hand, felt relieved that she didn’t have to be a part of it. Even after being asked once again, Su Ah remained firm in her decision and left the room.

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The following day, Dae Ho asked his friend to come to play with the drone since the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, his friend declined the invitation because he was having lunch with his crush, So Hyun. Although he wanted to join Dae Ho, he made an excuse and hung up the phone. Later, he lied to So Hyun that Dae Ho couldn’t join them either.

Where to Read Secret Class Chapter 167?

You can access Secret Class Chapter 167 on Top Toon, Mangabuddy, and other popular manga-reading apps. If you’re looking for other comics with a similar theme, you can check out Whispering You A Love Song or Magic Emperor.

Exploring the Complex Emotions of Secret Class: A Tale of Love and Growth

Chapter 167 of Secret Class will mark a challenging period for Dae Ho, as he struggles to deal with unfamiliar emotions. Despite recently becoming an “adult” by age, he still has a childlike mind that cannot comprehend the complexities of adult life, due to his upbringing. Since learning about human biology, he has become overconfident in himself and his abilities, without realizing that he owes everything to the gifts of nature.

However, he must now confront his insecurities and emotions, which he has never experienced before, and this may cause him to struggle and potentially damage his relationships with those around him. This is a significant departure from the typical genre of the series, which makes it a bold move.

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