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Second Stimulus Check: Will The Stimulus Checks Be Higher Than $1,200? This Is What Trump Has To say! Click For More…

Second Stimulus Check will be out soon. And the amount proposed was $1,200. Let us see what President Trump has to say on this!

Second Stimulus Check Higher Than $1,200?

As we know that the second stimulus check has been proposed. In the Heroes Act the $trillion package was passed by the Democrats. And that is $1,200.

Second Stimulus Check

But Trump in an interview with Katie Orth said that , the amount maybe higher than $1,200. As he said that he wants the citizen to get every kind of benefits. And are not deprived of anything.Thus he might think about increasing the amount of the Second stimulus check.

And he stressed on how the economy declined after lock downs were imposed. Hence leaving many people jobless. So the aim of this check would be to bring back the economy. And that won’t be possible when the citizens are deprived of basic amenities.

The Heals Act?

Although it is not yet finalized whether the check would really be more than $1,200 or not. But certainly there are some inclusions in the second stimulus check which needs to be talked about.

Second Stimulus Check
Source: Daily Mail

And there comes the Heals Act(Health, Economic Assistance Liability Protection & Schools Act) announced by the Senate Republicans. Hence they included the second stimulus check in the Heals Act. The features of this act are:

  • will create new federal pandemic unemployment benefit of $200 per week
  • includes relief loans
  • $1,200 relief checks
  • $105 billion to support education and re-opening of schools etc.

So this act will basically help in reviving back the economy in many ways. But according to Trump’s recent statement the amount might be higher than the proposed amount of $1,200.

Hence all we can do is want until the exact amount of the Second Stimulus Check is finalized.

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