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Is Second Chance Canceled Or Renewed For Season 2?


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Do you want some thrill? Something that is out of the box? Very different and filled with suspense? Then here is the right choice in the web series that I bring for you.

A morally bankrupt 75-year-old former sheriff is brought back to life after already being murdered in his son’s residence. And a sequence of incidents follows up!

Isn’t this thrilling? Well it is very exciting so here we go on to know more details and if there will be a remake for this show or not?

About Second Chance Web Series

Second Chance Season 2

Rand Ravich created the American Science fiction crime thriller television show Second Chance. This is centered on Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus; Frankenstein had been an early title. The series aired digitally on December 25, 2015, and made its debut on Fox on January 13, 2016.

What Is The Plot For Second Chance Web Series?

Jimmy Pritchard (Philip Baker Hall) is a 75-year-old prosecutor for whom the career was cut short in travesty, isolating him from his child, an FBI Intelligence officer (Tim DeKay). Jimmy is brutally murdered as part of an offense that helps connect father and son.

But the father is brought back to life thanks to a combination of pioneering medical interventions conducted by masterful tech gurus Mary (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Otto (James Franco) (Adhir Kalyan).

Second Chance Season 2

Jimmy either age backward in time or is steampunk into the body of an inconceivably sturdy 35-year-old thanks to over-explained but justified methodology (Robert Kazinsky).

The only possible explanation Jimmy is picked for a new life has to do with a rare DNA fragment, and that the only aim of this experiment is that Mary and Otto genuinely think Jimmy’s blood might well find a cure for cancer for just some cause.

How Many Seasons Are There For Second Chance Web Series?

Second Chance Season 2

There is only 1 season to date of the Second Chance series. More of it to come is still uncertain to happen.

The season finale of the first season of Second Chance premiered on March 25th, and it did draw only over 2 million viewers, trying to bring the season’s average audience to just under 2.5 million.

Since many audiences acknowledged, the series enhanced with every episode, and also many viewers are already hoping that perhaps the network will give the show a second opportunity, even when the title implores for it.

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Who Is In The Cast Of Second Chance?

Second Chance Season 2

Following are the cast members. Might be here is your favorite actor. If so, let us know who he/she is in the comment box below!

  • Robert Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard, the main protagonist.
  • Dilshad Vadsaria as Mary Goodwin, Otto’s twin sister, co-founder of Looking Glass.
  • Adhir Kalyan as Otto Goodwin, Mary’s twin brother, co-founder of Looking Glass.
  • Ciara Bravo is Gracie Pritchard, Duval’s daughter, and Jimmy’s granddaughter.
  • Tim DeKay as Duval Pritchard, Jimmy’s son, an FBI agent.
  • Vanessa Lengies is Alexa, Mary’s assistant.

Is There A Season 2 For Second Chance?

Second Chance Season 2

Season 1’s premiere episode made its debut on demand on December 25, 2015, prior to the network premiere. The series aired to 4.8 million fans and a 1.2 ranking in the 18-49 demographic.

But this lowered by 16.2 percent in the second week just to 3.75 million visitors and a 1.0 rating. The sequence has got mixed reviews, but so many viewers perceive the possibility inside it.

Even though things could always flip about, the series will not really emerge to be much of an opportunity of being revived at the present time.

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Trailers & Clips To Watch For Second Chance

Here are the trailers and clips from Second Chance


What Is The IMDb Rating Of Second Chance?

Second Chance Season 2

The IMDb rating for Second Chance season 1 is a genuine one. The users of IMDb have rated the show 7.5 out of 10. And the total number of votes includes 12,012 from the IMDb users.

What Are The Reviews For Second Chance Web Series?

Second Chance is the narrative of a randomly chosen revered organ donor who likes to fight crime when he is not making donations invaluable bodily fluids to an enfeebled wealthy man in a co-dependent interaction with her socially anxious sibling, produced by the already highly skilled but continually title-changed Rand Ravich (Crisis, Life).

This makes it thrilling and out-of-the-box sci-fi to make it a must-watch show!

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Second Chance Season 2

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