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Hollywood’s Sebastian Maniscalco makes CinemaCon laugh!

When it comes to studio presentations at CinemaCon this year, there's a recurring theme: comedic characters engaging with the audience in an exhibition setting. Lionsgate concluded CinemaCon with a stand-up performance by Sebastian Maniscalco in Caesars Colosseum, which drew thunderous applause for eight minutes. He's in town to promote the film About My Father, which was inspired by his own life. Billy Eichner, Jo Koy, and Steve Carell were among the guests at Universal Studios yesterday.

As Maniscalco began today's studio session, he joked about Lionsgate distribution chief David Spitz being “a little anxious backstage” about the teleprompter going out and him getting lost up here. “A little nugget,” Maniscalco remarked, joking about Spitz's fears.

His monologue covered a wide range of topics, including his Jewish in-laws, the Italian approach to food, the wait and price at the casino pool, how Hamilton never improved his life, and more.

“I'm keeping an eye on you as you wander around the casino, and I have to hand it to you: who made the decision that the lanyards would be this large?” Taking a jab at the badges at CinemaCon, “Can you tell me what you're holding in there?” “Did you file your tax returns?”

Sebastian Maniscalco

He mentioned how Vegas used to be a place where people would dress up for special occasions. “It appears to be a slumber party out there,” Maniscalco observes.

“A couple of turtles die in the ocean, and I end up having a brain aneurysm while sipping out of a straw fashioned out of dry wall,” says one person about paper straws.

“I wasn't expecting so many Jewish people to get into the theatrical business,” says the author of the book on exhibitors.

Introducing God, are you there with us? It's Me, Margaret, and I'm here to help. My prayers went something like this: ‘It's me, Sebastian,' I said at the time.” Hopefully, my new perfume will appeal to my date tomorrow evening.”

“I love my wife, but she's slow, and she doesn't move.” He says of his wife. She isn't moving correctly. Whenever we leave the house for a meal, our car doors never open at the same moment. I exit the vehicle and close the door. She's still in the car, according to my observations. She wears heels, and I understand that they are uncomfortable…. I take a glance at the GPS and see that we're just five minutes away; perhaps I should reassemble my feet. She is unable to function properly in high heels. “When she gets out of the car, it's like something out of a thriller video.”

About My Father is a film that Maniscalco co-wrote and executive produced. His father is played by Robert De Niro. In the photograph, Maniscalco informs his old-school Italian immigrant father Salvo that he intends to propose to his all-American fiancée; nevertheless, Salvo insists on accompanying him to a weekend with her affluent parents to see the proposal.

In a recent interview, Maniscalco discussed his upcoming film, as well as the inspiration behind it, saying, “I wanted to make a movie that you could take the whole family to.”

“Honestly, I didn't believe this stuff was going to happen. The fact that Robert De Niro will be playing my father in this film astounds me. When I found out that Leonardo DiCaprio would be playing me, it crushed my sentiments.”

Sebastian Maniscalco

De Niro, Kim Cattrall, and Leslie Bibb were all invited on stage by the comic.

“My only issue was with Sebastian,” De Niro admitted. “If I had the chance to recast him, I would have gone with DiCaprio.” ‘I understand and know how to portray Maniscalco's immigrant father,' the Oscar winner stated, referring to a character who the stand-up comedian has never been able to relate to.

Taking a jab at Cattrall, the comedian claimed that his wife's mother has been staking out the streets of Naples, Florida, bragging about how well she is being played by Cattrall.

There will be a tremendous flow of people going to see it at the Mercado mall in Naples, Florida, so theatre owners in the area should prepare to sell out of their inventory.

The trailer is even more amusing than the film Meet the Parents. Maniscalco and his father arrive at the home of the latter's future wealthy in-laws, a classic example of a “fish out of water” situation. It is these individuals that keep their money in bank accounts, rather than in mayonnaise jars buried in the backyard like the comedian's parents do.

In the voiceover, Maniscalco describes his father as a role model for him because he was a hairdresser. After that, he meets a female who is diametrically opposed to him. “I'm not sure how you're going to fit in here; these people are peculiar,” De Niro's father observes.

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