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Season 2 Country Comfort : Despite of Winning Prime Time Emmy Award Netflix Cancelled the Show!!!

Season 2 Country Comfort what do we know so far about it

Season 2 Country Comfort has been cancelled by Netflix despite of winning prime time Emmy awards and so much of popularity. Country Comfort Season 2 is a musical comedy drama and its first season was landed on Netflix in March 2021. In this article we are going to reveal why Netflix has pulled the plug for Country Comfort Season 2.

Country Comfort is a Netflix original family sitcom comedy show which was made by Caryn Lucas. As of now, Country Comfort is the 20th sitcom which released by Netflix as it’s original series.

Aspiring young singer Baily, takes a job as nanny for the rugged cowboy beau, after her personal life is derailed and her career suffers a big setback. Moreover, the previous five nannies are struggled to content with Beau’s five kids, but addition of Baily fills the mother shaped hole which was missing in their lives.

Season 2 Country Comfort

Beau’s family is musically talented and that may also be exactly what Baily need to get her back on the road to stardom.

Country Comfort Season 1 was nominated and then received a win for Primetime Emmy award for outstanding cinematography for a multi camera series by George Mooradian in the episode Crazy. The series went up against Last Man Standing, The Connors and Netflix’s own The Upshaws.

What is the Status of Renewal of Country Comfort Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is a sad news regarding renewal of Country Comfort Season 2 because it has been officially cancelled by Netflix. The show dropped out very quickly from the top 10 list around the world. It only survived in the United States top 10list for only 10 days.

For renewal of any show we traditionally require to see the show survival in one region minimum for 30 days or more.

Deadline has provided the reason for the cancellation of show that it’s because the first season effectively act as pilots as to why show like Country Comfort have been cancelled but for it is just a good PR twist.

As per Eddie Cibrian, the decision for cancellation of Country Comfort season 2 was made in the middle of 2021 and he states that –

“We are getting so close to finding out about what y’all have been asking for…Season 2!! So, this weekend we need all you Country Comforters (just made that name up) to watch, rewatch, tell others to watch and rewatch, so we can make the decision for Netflix and Netflix Family an easy one!”

Season 2 Country Comfort

Even winning of prime time emmy awards could not helped the show from the cancellation because of it’s low viewership.

Moreover, no cast and crew have reacted upon the cancellation of Country Comfort Season 2 in ay way.

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What is the Cast of Country Comfort Season 1?

Check out the cast of Country Comfort Season 1 along with their characters below –

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  • Katharine McPheeas Bailey, a country singer who takes a job as a nanny after getting kicked out of her up-and-coming band with her boyfriend
  • Eddie Cibrianas Beau, a cowboy and widower who is raising five children alone in his ranch known as Harmony Hills
  • Ricardo Hurtadoas Tuck, Beau’s eldest son
  • Jamie Martin Mann as Brody, Beau’s 15-year-old son
  • Griffin McIntyre as Dylan, Beau’s 12-year-old son
  • Shiloh Verrico as Cassidy, Beau’s 9-year-old daughter
  • Pyper Braun as Chloe, Beau’s 6-year-old daughter and the youngest of Beau’s children


  • Janet Varney as Summer, Beau’s girlfriend
  • Eric Balfour as Boone, Bailey’s ex-boyfriend

Notable guest star

  • LeAnn Rimes as herself

What We Should Expect From Season 2 Country Comfort if It Gets Renewed?

When Boone announced he was walking away from the competition for going on tour with Keith Urban, he left Baily without a band to accompany her. But still she perform in the end singing Bless the Broken Road along with four Beau’s kids.

Country Comfort Season 2 may reveal whether or not Baily won competition. But without Boone, she doesn’t have any band to accompany her, therefore we might see more of Beau’s kids joining Baily for future performances.

Meanwhile, Tuck revealed to Jo that his brother Brody likes her, therefore we may see a sizzling romance between this teen duo.

Despite of protests of some of the kids, Summer and Beau romance is still continue. Summer is very desperate to get a ring on her finger, however too much pressure may push rugged cowboy Beau away from her.

Kids clearly loves Baily and Beau has a huge respect for this country music singer so there are possibilities we may see some new romance between Beau and Baily.

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Trailer –

Watch out the trailer of Season 2 Country Comfort in given below video. By watching this video you will get a clear regarding the show and so it will become easy for you to decide whether to watch this show or not.

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