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Small Loan Options During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Small Loan Options During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the world is on the verge of a financial crisis. Many microfinance institutions offer payments online which is...

Made In America Festival For 2020 Got Canceled By Jay-Z Due To COVID-19

This year Made in America festival got canceled by the creator Jay-Z himself. The decision was taken because of the not promising surge in...

Gyms In Arizona Defying The Orders Of Governor To Close Amid The Surge In...

Governer implemented an order to close all the businesses and facilities that need social interaction to run. Besides, reopenings of schools and colleges were...

Mulan Also Pushed Back By Disney Amid The Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Disney delayed some of its projects and releases these days. Christopher Nolan's movie Tenet is one of those movies that got delayed twice due...

Tenet: Christopher Nolan’s New Film Got Delayed Amid COVID-19

Tenet from Christopher Nolan is one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies this year. After all, it got delayed amid the pandemic coronavirus now....

COVID-19 Confirmed For An Employee In Samsung, R&D Center Closed In Korea

It has already been a tough few months for every company and manufacturer. Samsung also hit by the ongoing crisis because of the COVID-19...

Apple: Employees Returning To Work, Apple To Implement More COVID-19 Precaution Measures

After months of work from home and lockdown, Apple started to bring back the employees. For that, the company started to take more precautions...
New York Times

Coronavirus: New York Times Covers Front Page With 1000 COVID-19 Death Notices

The New York Times paper covered the front page with 1000 COVID-19 death notices. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current...
COVID 19 black americans

Coronavirus: Black Americans Dying Of COVID-19 At Three Time The Rate Of White People

Black Americans are dying of the coronavirus at three times the rate of the white people. Moreover, racial issues continue in the country. Read...
Brazil Records Third-Highest COVID-19

Coronavirus: Brazil Records Third-Highest COVID-19 Infection Level

Brazil recorded the third-highest coronavirus infection level to date. Moreover, the United States and Russia remain the first two. Read ahead to know more....