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Scott Morrison: How Australia’s PM Rebuilt His Reputation

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not exactly have the most appreciated reputation lately. Moreover, he received a lot of criticism, first for the bush fires and then the handling of the coronavirus. However, he did put back his image into the right place. Read ahead to know more.

Scott’s Strong Leadership

Australian Health and Political experts say that Morrison benefitted largely from the expert advice he took from his advisors despite the economic crisis. Furthermore, Brendon Murphy, the Chief Medical Officer has been a great advisor to Scott Morrison.

According to BBC, his advice led Scott Morrison to shut down travel to and from China when the World Health Organisation refused travel bans. Moreover, the nation did forecast a pandemic situation before it became official.

Scott Morrison took quick actions when the number of infection cases was rising in the country. His sound mind and quick implementation of lockdown enabled the Australian health authorities to contain the coronavirus.

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Scott’s Response To Economic Crisis

Scott Morrison funneled 10% of GDP into spending to charge the economic health of the nation. Moreover, he doubled the unemployment payment, provided free childcare, and gave wage subsidy.

All these things ensured minimal income for people across Australia during the lockdown time in the country. The wage program has enabled people to go income less. Moreover, it ensures the supply of necessities in the house during the lockdown.

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Learning From Setbacks

Scott Morrison faced a lot of setbacks for his approach towards the pandemic in the initial stage of the pandemic. However, he was quick to learn from his mistakes and make a comeback.

Today, he and his government are applauded for dealing so well with the pandemic crisis. Moreover, Australia might become one of the first countries to bring back the normal life.


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