Scary Movies for Kids which Will Make Great First Horror Experiences!!!


Aditi Deshinge

Same like adults, some kids are drawn to scary movies. Are you one those parents who are looking for the best scary movies for kids? Then we are here to provide you some amazing list of scary movies for kids in this article. So keep scrolling down and get to know more.

Well, introducing your child to scary movies is a big gamble which should not be taken lightly. Choose the right movie for kids which will not harm them or scare them a lot and which are kids friendly.

Some people are liked to be scared. This is the reason why scary movies have been so much successful these days at box office. Moreover, its not just adults who love them but Kids too love it the most.

It must be difficult for parents to find out kids friendly scary movies for their child to watch. Here we are talking about kids who are no longer toddlers but not yet teens. Therefore check out the list of Scary Movies for Kids below.

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  1. Archnophobia –

Archnophobia is a 1990 throwback which is high on tension but low on gore, body count and violence. The bad guys are some Venezuelan spiders and good guys are the very funny Jeff Daniels and John Goodman. Therefore, there is a good dose of humour in this movie for parents as well.

  1. Coraline –

Coraline is one of the scariest cartoon movies on the list, so the kids who liked to be scared will love it. This one is about a young girl who discovers a parallel world for her own which is filled with temptation and desire.

  1. Frankenweenie (2012) –

Frankenweenie is the movie from Tim Burton who is the master of kids appropriate scary movies. This one is a twist of a classic Frankenweenie story which is only about a kid STEM enthusiast of a mad scientist.

  1. Spirited Away –

Spirited Away is a masterpiece from beloved director Hayao Miyazaki and it is widely considered as one of the best scary movies for kids ever.

The movie is about a 10 years old girl who while moving to a new neighbourhood and finds a world of enhanted beings which includes witches, spirits and several scary creatures. Then her parents get transformed into pigs so she navigates this magical world to save them.

  1. Muppets Haunted Mansion –

The haunted mansion ride into the world of Disney is quite amazing because it’s kinda spooky but also silly. Therefore, how do you give a scary movie the same sensibility? You will add the Muppets.

In this movie, Gonzo accept a challenge to stay in the Haunted Mansion overnight and sun ins with all its popular grinning ghosts.

  1. The Witches –

The Witches movie is based on the Roald Dahl book, this film is about kids vs. Witches. And its not quickly clear who will end up on whom. If you want to make it a double feature then you can also watch the version from 1990 movie starring with Angelica Houston.

scary movies for kids

  1. Beetlejuice –

Beetljuice is a bit surprising the 1988 dark comedy movie which is rated PG because there are some fairly intense scenes. The film follows a couple as they wrestle with a new family which moves into their home after they die.

It is a tale which can be enjoyed with whole family but comes with a warning: if you are younger than 10 years old, watch at your own risk!

scary movies for kids

  1. The Dark Crystal –

The Dark Crystal is one of those Jim Henson films which tells an epic adventure story and keeps viewers glued to their seats with thrill after thrill. If you have the time, then it would make a great double feature with Labyrinth.

  1. Ghostbusters –

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II is a pairing which largely depends on the kids in your family because they are films that are definitely targeted at adults which means there are some adult situations, harsh language and the humour might go over kids’ heads.

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  1. Goosebumps –

Goosebumps is a pairing which is perfect for kids who went to be scared and have outgrown movies for little kids but who are not quite ready for like Beetljuice or Ghostbusters.

Such movies are generally based on R.L Stine’s book franchise with the same name and these are quite adorable with quite scares.

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