Scary Movie Characters: The Chronological Order of the Scariest Movies Ever!


Saloni Singh

There might be a lot of blood and gore flick scary movie characters, however which ones are the most unnerving of all? Some thriller bad guys are particularly chilling and will stay with crowds for eternity.

Would could it be that makes blood and gore flick reprobates really frightening? It’s many times their close to invincibility, tormenting presence, and bent views of the world. A few bad guys with dismay movies stand apart from the others, and will constantly be associated with their contorted nature.

Jigsaw – Saw

Jigsaw, whose real name is John Kramer (Tobin Ringer), is a secretive man in Saw who hijacks individuals he thinks end their lives for conceded and places them through a progression of horrifying tests in his house of detestations.

His identity stays a secret all through a large portion of the principal film, and his origin story is made sense of in the continuation. It is uncovered that he is a terminal disease patient, who needs to remind his casualties to be thankful for the endowment of life.

scary movie characters

Jason – Friday the 13th

Jason Vorhees (Ari Lehman), the notorious executioner from the Friday the 13th establishment, murders individuals to pursue retribution for how he was dealt with, and for the homicide of his Mother toward the finish of the main film. He is a huge, quiet executioner who shows up out of the blue to torment and torment his casualties.

He wears a hockey veil to conceal his face, and it’s difficult to say which is really unnerving – – the all-white, callous looking cover he wears or his deformed face underneath the cover. Another unnerving factor is that Jason is basically undying, he has godlike strength and agony opposition, making him nearly difficult to kill.

He likewise ultimately gets resurrected as a zombie, which causes him to significantly more panic than any other time.

The Entity – It Follows

It Follows is about a deadly revile that is passed from one casualty to another through sex. Passing, otherwise called the entity, will crawl toward its casualties, masked as either a companion or a stranger. It can move gradually, or rapidly, contingent upon how it needs to get as near its casualties as could really be expected.

The film is one of the creepiest and most tormenting late thrillers. It leaves viewers feeling restless and suspicious that everybody strolling behind them is a physically transmitted reprobate coming to kill them.

scary movie characters

Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist

Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) is a young child who becomes moved by a devil and lets completely go over her brain and body. She scares everybody around her with her devilish way of behaving, like twirling her head overall around her body, talking in profanities, and spoiling a sculpture of the Virgin Mary.

The Exorcistis generally viewed as one of the most terrifying movies ever. Viewers were in any event, running out of the theater at the hour of its release, and the Catholic Church attempted to have the movie restricted.

Chucky – Child’s Play

The Chucky movies are about a frenzied killer caught in the body of a dreadful doll. The movies have a comedic component to them too, yet that doesn’t make them any less scary. The movies are loaded up with hop panics and a few fierce, shocking scenes.

Chucky (Brad Dourif) is known for probably the most crazy and dreadful homicides in the loathsomeness sort. He uses different weapons to kill his casualties, however he is inclined toward an enormous butcher blade. What makes Chucky particularly frightening is his doll structure, he’s caused numerous viewers to have an apprehension about dolls.

Michael Myers – Halloween

Michael Myers (Scratch Castle), the strange killer from the Halloween establishment, will continuously be one of the most spine-chilling reprobates.

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From the absolute first experience, Laurie Stepped (Jamie-Lee Curtis) has with him, she realizes that getting away from him for good will be the hardest thing she at any point needs to do. The way that he never talks and moves at such a leisurely pace and inauspiciously, will constantly crawl out viewers, regardless of whether it’s not their most memorable time watching the film.

Michael Myers has endure a few merciless assaults that would have without a doubt killed a normal man, from a tempest of projectiles to a few stabbings, it appears as though he is an indestructible undying:

Chatterer – Hellraiser

Chatterer (Nicholas Vince) is one of the miscreants in Hellraiser, he is a Cenobite, a gathering of extradimensional sadomasochists drove by Pinhead who explore in outrageous debauchery.

His name comes from the consistent clicking of his teeth, his main method for correspondence. Prior to turning into a cenobite, he was a young man named Jim who had a staggeringly unfortunate life. He delights in causing others torment as he encountered a ton of torment himself in his human existence.

Pennywise – IT

Stephen Ruler has made numerous frightening characters consistently, however the tissue eating jokester Pennywise (played by Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård) from IT is by all accounts the most tormenting.

scary movie characters

Children and grown-ups alike are alarmed by the executioner jokester and for good explanation. His huge, abhorrent smile, white painted face, and crossed eyes alarm each and every individual who observes either the first miniseries or the new change.


A decent scary movie is something beyond the leap scenes and puzzling unexpected developments (however they certainly assist with making it really fascinating). A decent thriller isn’t associated with its plot gadgets, however its characters.

Consider it: It wouldn’t be the work of art, hilarious thriller it is without Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise The Moving Jokester. A child-eating devil who disguises itself as an unpleasant comedian… that is something nobody can neglect (because of Stephen Lord for the thought).

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