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Banks is a professional wrestler from the United States who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. The Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship was Banks’ first major victory in her long and fruitful career on the independent wrestling circuit. Later, in 2012, she acquired a contract with the WWE, where she was initially assigned to the NXT brand.

Before she was promoted to the main roster, it took three years, and she had the distinction of participating in the first women’s match to headline NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, which occurred in 2015. This was also the first iron lady match in WWE history, as well as the longest women’s match in the company’s history.

This match had such an impact that it was eventually selected Match of the Year by “Pro Wrestling Illustrated,” and Banks was named Woman of the Year by the same publication as a result of her performance.

During her career, Banks participated in the Raw Women’s Championship five times, winning the tournament each time. She then co-hosted a WWE pay-per-view event with Charlotte Flair, marking the first time a female was the main attraction. Her other accomplishments include being the first female wrestler to compete in a Hell in a Cell match, being the first female wrestler to win the PWI Feud of the Year award, and numerous more distinctions.

Earlier this year, she and her partner, Nikki Bella, won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at the Elimination Chamber, and she followed that up the following year with a victory at the Smackdown Women’s Championship at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. “Sports Illustrated” crowned her Wrestler of the Year for the year 2020, capping off an incredible year for her. In 2021, she received more mentions on Twitter than any other athlete, with the exception of Simone Biles and LeBron James.

Sasha Banks Early Life

Sasha Banks Net Worth

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Vardano was born on January 26th, 1992, in Fairfield, California, and is the daughter of Michael and Mercedes Kaestner-Vardano. She grew up in a family with deep ties to the entertainment industry, which she credits for her success. Banks is a cousin of Snoop Dogg, Brandy Norwood, Ray J, and Daz Dillinger, among other celebrities.

A native of Minnesota, Mercedes grew up in a mixed-ethnic family with an autistic sibling. She relocated to the state at a young age. After that, the family relocated to Boston, where she became active in the local professional wrestling scene. While still a young child, Kaestner-Vardano attended online school and was highly affected by All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJWPW).

Sasha Banks Career

Mercedes first began training in 2008, earning her stripes at Chaotic Wrestling in Massachusetts. She has since moved on to other promotions. Initially, she went under the stage moniker “Mercedes KV” when she began fighting. During these early days, she worked closely with Nikki Roxx on a number of team bouts, and they became fast friends. Her solo debut game, in which she was defeated by Danny E., took place in 2010.

In 2011, she and Nikki Roxx defeated Alexxis in a tag-team bout, giving her her first professional victory. She subsequently competed in a five-woman gauntlet match, where she was defeated and eliminated. Over the next few months, she continued to compete in singles contests, eventually defeating Alexxis to become the first woman to win the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship.

In 2012, she successfully defended her championship against Barbie, Luscious Latasha, Alexxis, and even Nikki Roxx, who was on her previous squad. Having earned yet another victory in a fatal four-way match, Mercedes successfully defended her title for the second time, becoming the longest-reigning Chaotic Women’s Wrestling Champion in history. In the meantime, she had set her sights on bigger things, and she made her final appearance in Chaotic Wrestling in 2012, where she was defeated by Ivy Fit.

As part of her independent wrestling career during this time, Mercedes competed in circuits such as the New England Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance, where she went under the ring moniker “Miss Mercedes.” After a successful tryout camp with WWE in 2012, she decided to leave all of these companies behind and sign a contract with the company.

At this point, she became known by her stage name Sasha Banks for the first time in her career. After beginning her career in NXT, she made her televised debut in 2012, when she was defeated by Paige. In 2013, she earned her first professional victory over Alicia Fox.

Banks and Paige worked together to combat Audrey Marie and Summer Rae in Sasha’s first big plotline, which culminated in a victory against Marie and Summer Rae. Later in the year, she would go on to lose to Summer Rae in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament, which she would eventually win. After attacking Paige, Sasha developed a reputation as a villain over time. Summer Rae and Banks joined together to defeat Paige, Emma, Bayley, and Charlotte in a series of bouts over the course of the following few weeks.

Banks made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania XXXX in 2014. Afterwards, she was beaten for the NXT Women’s Championship a second time, prompting her to engage in a feud with the current champion, Charlotte. In a series of matches against Charlotte, Banks was defeated time and time again, but he was able to make his WWE debut on the main roster later in 2014, losing to Charlotte once more.

Sasha Banks Net Worth

After suffering yet another defeat against Charlotte, Banks was able to pin her in a fatal four-way match at NXT TakeOver: Rival in the following week. This resulted in her winning the championship for the first time, and she went on to defeat Charlotte in a rematch to win the belt back. She successfully defended her title over a slew of opponents before losing to Bayley in the finals. She had been in possession of the title for 192 days. Banks was subsequently defeated by Bayley for the second time in her final-ever NXT appearance.

Following his departure from NXT, Banks participated in the “Raw” brand. With her winning streak in full swing, Banks set her sights on the Divas Championship in Las Vegas. She subsequently went on to win the WWE Women’s Championship in 2016, after defeating Charlotte Flair. She did, however, lose her title in a rematch against Charlotte after only 27 days, which was a speedy turnaround.

After that, the WWE Women’s Championship was renamed the Raw Women’s Championship, and Banks reclaimed her championship by defeating Charlotte in the Raw Women’s Championship main event in October. The following several years saw her and Bayley continue to put up a strong performance, culminating in them capturing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship in 2019.

Later that year, rumours began to circulate that Sasha was dissatisfied with the WWE and was suffering from depression at the same time. She eventually requested that McMahon remove her from her contract, which he refused to do. Banks then took some time off to reflect about her future career. Having taken a brief vacation from the WWE, she returned and continued to compete in the company.

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