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Sarma Melngailis Net Worth 2022: What Was the Amount That Netflix Paid Her?


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The most recent documentary to be released by Netflix is titled “Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud.” The most recent and fascinating show to debut on Netflix is called Fugitives, and it depicts the fall of the vegan queen who ruled New York City. Sarma Melngailis had the desire to share her perspective on the events that transpired in the Netflix documentary by participating in the project.

Fans, however, wanted to know how Sarma manages to keep her life in New York going despite the fact that she has been found guilty. Does she receive anything from Netflix for her appearances? Let’s find out.

Who is Sarma Melngailis?

Sarma Melngailis is a famous chef who pioneered the raw food movement and wants to see it become a revolution. She operated a plant-based eatery known as Pure Food and Wine under her own name. She had big dreams and was determined to do anything she set her mind to in this life.

Her life was flipped completely upside down when she wed a con artist by the name of Anthony Strangis. After having a reputation as the “vegan queen,” she is now facing allegations that she and her husband stole $2 million from their restaurant and then fled the country.

The actual question that needs to be answered, however, is how an intelligent and successful woman like Sarma Melngailis ended up being a participant in Anthony’s scam.

Melngailis alleges that Anthony exploited and manipulated her. He guaranteed that he would give Sarma and her dog the gift of eternal life. Does that strike you as odd? Both Anthony Strangis and his attorney strongly refute the claims that have been made against them.

Net Worth

Sarma Melngailis was a successful entrepreneur in her own right, so it was only inevitable that she would have enough money to live a luxury lifestyle. But a single error in judgment caused her to lose everything she held. After she ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Kenney, Sarma teamed up with businessman Jeffrey Chodorow to launch the restaurant.

Chodorow was her investor. Within a short period of time, her company experienced rapid expansion, and she was able to attract notable people, including actors, athletes, and supermodels.

Sarma had accumulated a net worth of $1.5 million prior to her incarceration, with the majority of her wealth coming from the businesses One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine. It is unknown how much money she has made recently.

What was the amount that Netflix paid her for the rights to “Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives”?

Recent revelations made by Sarma Melngailis on her website indicate that Netflix has compensated her for Bad Vegan. She intends to hand over her money to the employees whom she has taken advantage of. On her website, she said, “It is common practice—to say nothing of journalistic integrity—that subjects do not get paid for involvement in documentaries, at least not the reputable ones.”

She was referring to the fact that subjects do not get paid for their participation in documentaries. In my particular circumstance, on the other hand, and at my urging, the producers made an exemption so that I could pay the complete sum that my former employees were owed—amounts that accrued after my disappearance in 2015.”

Netflix and Sarma have not disclosed the precise sum, but we are able to speculate that it is sufficient to cover her obligations to the people she formerly employed.


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