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Sara Davies Net Worth: Sara Davies Has a Huge Fortune Yet Is ‘tight’ and Has an Odd Buying Habit!

37 Million Pounds

Sara Davies Net Worth

Sara Davies, the youngest dragon on the programme, built her wealth with the worldwide crafting materials firm Crafter’s Companion, which she expanded from a kitchen-table startup to a million-pound corporation over the course of 10 years. Her company started out as a kitchen-table enterprise. As a direct consequence of this, it is believed that her net worth is a staggering 37 million pounds.

Sara Davies Biography

The incredible sum of £37 million that Sara Davies has amassed over the years has not changed the fact that she is notoriously frugal.

The well-known star of Dragons’ Den and Strictly Come Dancing, who wowed us in the previous season of Strictly Come Dancing, launched a successful crafts business from her dorm room in university.

Sara Davies Net Worth

However, the 38-year-old woman from County Durham is at heart a simple country girl from the north, and she is determined to ensure that she does not raise her children in a spoiled manner.

With the assistance of her father, an engineer, Sara recognised a need in the market for a tool that would allow card producers to make envelopes. Together, they developed this equipment, which they dubbed “The Envelope,” and it had already been generating revenue of £500,000 by the time she graduated.

Crafter’s Companion is a retail company specialising in crafting that was started by Sara. The company now has a yearly revenue of £34 million, exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world, and employs more than 190 people in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and throughout Europe.

Sara’s feet are obviously still firmly planted on the ground, as evidenced by the fact that she will not buy smoked salmon unless it is on sale in the supermarket, despite the spectacular climb to fame and money that she has experienced.

Sara, who created her company from savings of only $5,000, has said that she can be extremely careful with cash; but, happily, this has not stopped her from making a number of significant investments in the Den. Sara’s firm was built from funds of only $5,000.

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during one of her pregnancies, the attending physician suggested that she lose weight. In response, she made an appointment with a personal trainer and paid for three months’ worth of sessions in advance.

She gave the following explanation: “I’m too tight to not turn up for something I’ve already paid for.”

Sara has acknowledged that her friends find it hilarious when she goes shopping, and they can’t understand that she doesn’t just blow her money more frequently.

In the year 2020, Sara stated to the Sunday People that during her childhood, the term “whoopsie” was used to refer to something that was on sale at Asda and had a large sticker on to it.

“Smoked salmon was my mother’s absolute favourite food, but my family would only ever get it if it was “on whoopsie,” which meant it was significantly discounted.

Sara Davies Net Worth

“When I was younger, I was under the impression that smoked salmon was the epitome of opulence when it came to cuisine. To this very day, regardless of how much money I have available, the only time I will ever purchase smoked salmon in a grocery store is when it is on sale.

“I consider it to be a luxury. We had very little money while I was growing up, so it’s just how I’ve been conditioned. People I know think it’s really funny.

The mother of two is determined to instil a sense of rootedness in her sons, Oliver and Charlie, and continues to take them on camping vacations much as she did when she was a youngster.

The Dragon went on to explain that when he was younger, he and his family were not able to afford to take vacations in other countries. We didn’t even have a caravan; instead, we would throw our tents in the back of one of my dad’s work trucks and drive around in that.

“Therefore, despite the fact that I want to provide my children with opportunities that were unavailable to us, I also believe that spending my childhood summers camping helped shape me into the level-headed individual that I am today, and I want those same opportunities to be available to my children.”

However, Sara has said that she has a propensity to take things to an extreme, such the time when she went directly from a live TV interview to a caving adventure.

She continued by saying, “Last year I was on This Morning for an interview, and then I took a train to the Lake District.” At the Windermere railway station, my mother and father were waiting with the children to take me up.

They would make their home in a camper van that had an awning over it. Because he wasn’t paying attention, Dad parked the van on a slope, and he hadn’t checked to see if the awning was watertight.

“I was laying there at three in the morning with drops of water hitting my head, and the kids were sliding down inside their sleeping bags, and I thought to myself, ‘This is crazy.'” I really wanted them to enjoy the experience, but this is taking it to an unacceptable level.’

She has been married to her husband Simon since 2007, and she gives him a lot of the credit for assisting her to co-found her successful business, which currently has an annual revenue of £34 million.

When asked about the key to the longevity of their relationship, Sara responded, “I would say that we’re still as madly in love now as we were 22 years ago.” Both of us have a profound appreciation for the other and the part each of us plays in our relationship. I worship the very ground that he walks on.

Sara has noted that the amount of time she spends with her children that she misses out on due to work is more than made up for by the quality of the time she spends with them, although she and Simon don’t always see eye to eye on how their sons should be raised.

During an appearance on Loose Women, she made the following statement: “My husband Simon wants to give the kids the things that we could not have, but I want them to have the experiences that we did have.”

Her children will have to earn their pocket money via hard labour, but thanks to their excellent negotiation abilities, they will be able to take home more money than she did.

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