Santa Evita 2022: The Story of a Corpse Filled With a Lot of Mysteries!


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Santa Evita 2022 is just the next piece of real-to-screen content that Hulu could release. This year, the streaming giant is already on a roll, releasing some incredible real crime stories as well as adaptations, including The Dropout, We Crashed, Under the Banner of Heaven, The Girl from Plainville, and some others.

It will be interesting and see what the channel seems to have in store for its audience after tackling the tale of Argentina’s First Lady through its current miniseries. The enigmatic online series focuses on Tomás Eloy Martnez‘s 1995 novel of the same title, who already serves as even the show’s creator.

Rodrigo Garcia Barcha, as well as Alejandro Maci, are indeed the film’s directors, while the story was told by Marcela Guerty with Pamela Rementeria. Now let us examine several of the most important elements of this show and assess our familiarity with the latest series.

What Was the Release Date of Santa Evita 2022?

Santa Evita 2022

The seven-part television series tells the bizarre and moving tale of just what happened with Eva Perón‘s body following her death from cancer around 1952.

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Additionally, Disney stated that starting Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the Latin American series “Santa Evita” would be available on Hulu in the US, and Disney+ worldwide under the Star banner, including Star+ in Latin America. The streamer also posted a 1-minute, a 48-second video clip about the show on its main Twitter handle along with the news of the launch.

What Do We Know About the Series?

Santa Evita 2022

Santa Evita 2022 had nearly 1300 supporting characters in addition to 120 actors, and it was filmed in over 40 different Buenos Aires, Argentina, sites. A large group of regional creative professionals invented and created intricate historical restorations, settings, plus costumes.

Salma Hayek, the famous Mexican actress, serves as chief producer together with José Tamez in that series, which is co-produced as well as developed by Non-Stop. Alejandro Maci, the Argentine filmmaker, is indeed the artistic producer, and Rodrigo Garca seems to be the series’ director as well as executive producer.

This seems to be Eva Perón’s post-mortem story. The embalmed body of “Evita” underwent a 22-year trip that was just as exciting as the 33 years of life. Evita passed away in 1952, however, for three years her body remained above ground while a monument was being built, which was never completed.

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When President Perón’s government got defeated in a military takeover in 1955, the body was hidden for almost 19 years to avoid serving as an emblem of opposition to the dictatorship. She was merely a political player for six years being General Perón’s wife, but her death had a profound impact on Argentine politics for even more than two decades, creating a bizarre legend.

Evita was much more threatening than while she was alive towards the military officials who took over because everyone feared that wandering corpse without even a final resting place.

Following achieving recognition, Perón was among the leading women in the world. Her story inspired several stage performances, particularly Andrew L. Webber‘s Evita from 1996. Over the past 100 years, she has developed into a female celebrity, with several works written that depict her life more vividly than her passing.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Series?

Santa Evita 2022

The globally acclaimed cast of the seven-episode piece of fiction includes Natalia Oreiro who played the role of Eva Perón, then we also get to see Ernesto Alterio in the character of Colonel Moori Koenig.

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Then we also saw Diego Velázquez in the role of Mariano, with Francesc Orella playing the character of Doctor Pedro Ara and Darío Grandinetti who was seen as Juan Domingo Perón.

Diego Cremonesi, Damián Canduci, Guillermo Arengo, Jenni Merla, Gaby Ferrero, Ernesto Alterio, as well as numerous others are other characters.

Trailer of Santa Evita!

Let’s get a clear idea of the mysterious corpse story of Argentina’s First Lady.


What serves as the basis for the Santa Evita 2022 series?

Tomás Eloy Martnez, an Argentine author, wrote the 1995 book on which the Santa Evita 2022 show is based.

What is the estimated runtime of each episode of the show?

The estimated runtime of each episode of the show is 45 minutes.

Was Santa Evita, the book, regarded as famous?

Yes, the book was widely translated and then became a sensation in Argentina. Among the most popular books of all time, it is believed to even have distributed around 10 million copies globally.


Few people are becoming aware of the strong entity Eva Peron, often known as Evita, was both during her existence and then after she passed away. Peron, the first lady of Argentina, was another politician as well as an activist in addition to being one of the most attractive and compelling actors of her era.

She was indeed the glamorous role model who stood out for the liberties of the working people becoming the voice of South American women. One of a kind, Peron passed away unexpectedly, and the events that followed are what form the core of Santa Evita.