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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Cancelled by Netflix!


David Mudd

Searching for the horror and comedy series on Netflix then you can go for Santa Clarita Diet series which ran for three seasons from February 3, 2017 and now fans are still waiting for its season 4.

I know some of you are searching for the season 4 renewal of Santa Clarita Diet or Joel and Sheila couples but unfortunately the season is cancelled and didn’t come for further seasons after 3 seasons released from 2017 to 2019.

The story of this series is funny as both the couples are real estate agents in Santa Clarita and both Joel and Sheila are doing well until their life turns upside down when they discover that her wife is showing the signs of becoming a zombie and wants to drink human blood and eat human flesh.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

What an interesting series this is, I hope you will love to watch this series.

Her new character becoming a zombie is more aggressive that her previous human character and her family is busy in finding cure for her disease but the show will not continue in future as it was cancelled in 2019 after premiering season 3rd on March 29, 2019.

Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled for New Season 4?

Yes, Netflix cancelled the fourth season of Santa Clarita Diet on April 26, 2019 and it was officially cancelled. The first season of Santa Clarita Diet came in 2017 and then next year its second season premiered on March 23, 2018 and finally in the same month but the following year the show came for the third season.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

After cancellation of the show there are no chances that the show is picked by the Network. In a statement about the cancellation of the series it was told by Tracy Katsky who is the producer of this funny drama to CNN, “They called us with the news yesterday.” “ We are all so sad. We have loved making it so much”.

The exact reason is not clear why the series was cancelled but all felt disappointed when they heard the cancellation news of this beautiful show.

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Particular reason is not given but it was said by Cindy Holland at INTV conference in Israel about the cut of along with other shows and she said, “It’s a combination of things,” “When we’re investing, we decide how much to invest based on the audience that will show up. If the audience doesn’t show up, we think about the reason to continue to invest in something that doesn’t do as well as we had hoped.”

After good response the show is loved by many and still the demand of the show exists but it was decided by Netflix to cancel the series.

So, cancellation news upset the viewers and it is an unsatisfactory ending of the show as the season left in the middle without concluding or giving a happy ending to the audience.

Where to Watch Santa Clarita Diet Seasons?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

You can stream all 3 seasons of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, Amazon Prime and on Justwatch.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Ratings and Reviews

Santa Clarita Diet is not coming for season 4 but here you can see ratings and reviews of complete series and this drama got 7.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDB with its 2 top rated episodes no. 10 from season 2 and season 3.

But the popularity of the series is decreasing and the final episode of the season came 2 years back in March 2019.

More than 600+ user wrote their reviews about this series on IMDb and some of the positive reviews written by them are-

It is a brilliant funny series, Characters are quite interesting in the series, hilarious and fantastic funny and dark comedy drama, and great show with great chemistry between couples.

On JustWatch the series received 83% while 66% was earned by the show on TV Guide.

Here is the season 3 official trailer to recap the final season of this series.


Santa Clarita Diet is an amazing and worth watching series of Netflix which was cancelled after the third and the final season, so it simply means there is no season 4 of this great show but you can search other great shows on Netflix as we have the list of latest shows and other great shows of Netflix on Trendingnewsbuzz.com.

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