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Sanditon Season 3: When Will Its Third Season Premiere? Know Complete About This Season!

Masterpiece A long break and an almost-cancellation of PBS’s Sanditon series eventually returned to our screens last month. Since the show was based on an unfinished work by Jane Austen, it was initially not renewed by ITV, the British broadcaster, after its first season. Sanditon, on the other hand, got a fresh lease of life in the United States, with PBS announcing a surprise renewal in May of 2021 for the show.

Season 2 ended its run on Sunday, April 24, with a shocking climax that left many fans stunned after a long and bumpy path to the small screen. Having lost Theo James’ Sidney Parker, Charlotte now finds herself in a love triangle with Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Colonel Lennox (David Tennant) (Tom Weston-Jones). As Charlotte revealed her engagement to a whole new guy at the close of the season, it laid the stage for lots of romantic tension in the new one.

We’ve learned a lot about season 3 thus far.

Filming Has Already Begun for the Third Season of Sanditon

Sanditon Season 3

That is right; you read that correctly. There will be no need for Sanditon fans to worry about the show’s future during yet another break, since season 3 has not only been confirmed, but filming has already ended.

When PBS rescued Sanditon from extinction last year, they also renewed it for seasons 2 and 3 on the same day. According to Newsweek, the two seasons were filmed back-to-back between July and December of 2021 in Los Angeles.

Sanditon Season 3 Will Not Come Before 2022?

Sanditon fans will still have to be patient, even though the next season is expected to broadcast on PBS Masterpiece in early 2023, which is a considerably shorter and less unpleasant wait than the last season was.

The Programme Will Still Feature Charlotte and Colbourne’s Romance

Don’t give up hope, shippers! Charlotte’s engagement is a “big impediment,” according to showrunner Justin Young, who recently spoke with Salon about the situation. However, her relationship with Colbourne is still very much in question. “When we see him again at the beginning of Season 3, he’ll be a little more refreshed,” Young said of Colbourne.

Young also stated, in another interview with Decider, that the two are still madly in love with each other, which was previously reported. Her feelings for Colbourne are still up in the air heading into Season 3. He’s madly in love with her. We are well aware of this. But now she’s engaged to Ralph, and who knows how things will turn out.”

To Get a Sense of What’s to Come in Season 3, See the First Episode of Season 2

The actress, who was speaking on a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, also dropped an ambiguous clue about what fans may anticipate from Charlotte in season 3. He went on to say that “there are components in the first episode of Season 2 that pay off in the last episode of Season 3,” in more detail. And, in his Salon interview, Young explained that he was referring exclusively to Charlotte’s character development arc.

Sanditon Season 3

“Think about where we find her in the first few minutes of Season 2,” Young remarked of the character. “We come across a young woman who is attempting to move on. Then she’s dragged back into Sanditon, despite her best efforts to be the person her family need her to be. That is what these two seasons are all about, after all. Everything she says to Colbourne in that scene at the end of that first episode about what she thinks a young woman should be with that independence of spirit, that conversation is absolutely key to Charlotte’s journey across these two seasons.” According to him, after one year, fans will be able to look back and see the connective thread that ran from Charlotte’s position in the season 2 premiere all the way through to the season 3 finale, which will be shown on ABC. Intriguing!

Some Cast Members Will Not Return

We can safely assume that most of your favourite characters will be returning for season 3 due to the fact that the seasons were filmed back to back. Some significant characters, notably Colonel Lennox and, more interestingly, actress Esther Babbington, have been reported to be absent from the upcoming season (Charlotte Spencer).

The actress, who played Esther in Season 2, told Decider that she believes she has “everything she’s ever desired” at the end of the show’s second season. In my opinion, Esther’s tale is complete now that she is married and has a kid that she adores. “I believe that this is the conclusion of Esther’s story, at least as far as I am concerned.”

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