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Samsung To Fix Its Major Flagship Model Flaw Through Galaxy Note 20


David Mudd

Rumors say that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will fix one of the major problems that happened with the latest flagship models. The problem mentioned is the in-display fingerprint scanner. All the latest flagship models’ were a bit slower when it comes to this area. Although, according to the leaks, Samsung may fix this by using a bigger fingerprint scanner.

All the major flagship smartphone producers use optical sensors instead, Samsung uses an ultrasonic in-display scanner. However, ultrasonic models are needed to be faster and useable even with dirty or wet fingers. But in this case, the story is different. So, from the rumors we get is that Samsung will make the scanners bigger. It may improve the reading speed and accuracy in scanning.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Release date, rumours, specs, leaks

Two Fingers Give More Security

The massive surface area of 20mm*30mm will make it the largest in-display scanners in the industry until another rival arise. Besides, users will be able to scan and use two fingers instead of one at a time. It will increase security is a sure fact. Smartphone manufacturers out there normally use Goodix’s optical scanners.

In Samsung, these optical sensors are mostly will be used in mid-range models. Samsung used it in Galaxy A71 5G which was launched in April in China. However, there are months to go before the reveal of the Galaxy Note 20. Besides, the developers are working on different types of fingerprint scanners. So, these rumors are maybe just guesses or maybe its true. Only an official announcement from Samsung can do anything with a real update.

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