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Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Could Be Showing Off A Triple-Lens Rear Camera, Patent Reveals


David Mudd

Something amazing is coming up for all the technogeeks out there. Samsung is bringing something new to completely bring you out of your seats. If you thought that the current Galaxy Z Flip was enough, you’re wrong.

Because its follow up is hitting the markets soon. And this is confirmed. In a patent received by the WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Office, we have found a patent for a possible follow up of the current galaxy Z Flip.

So there are going to be some great features and amazing new things in line for us. Stay tuned to know more about it. Also, find out what we know from the patent that the WIPO has received.

Galaxy Z Flip

What Do We Know About It?

Now there isn’t much out about it officially. Currently, this news is under the wraps by the company. However, it is leaked through other sources that something like this is coming our way. And that is going to happen very soon.

So, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will feature a triple rear camera setup. This has raised the bar already too high. It will be a massive upgrade from the usual dual lens. So there is going to be something too new about this phone that is going to amaze you.

From the predecessors, this phone will be a definite step up. So as you see, this will be a piece of great news for all those looking out for such a purchase.

More About It (Galaxy Z Flip)

The patent also features various images with the offer. It includes two designs as of now, called Model A and Model B respectively. Now, this isn’t clear to the company as to how to align their triple camera.

There is still a mystery on if it will be horizontally placed or vertically placed. It is expected to carry better specifications than the counterpart. So it will work on all its weak areas and continue to amaze us as such.

Galaxy Z Flip

But there is still no guarantee if Samsung will even support the designs in the patent. It can alternatively, come up with something new for us. So that can be something to look out for.

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What To Expect?

The South Korean manufacturer is going to work on the mini OLED display based on how the camera is aligned. In the two models, the OLED screen is pretty different.

In the first one, the outer screen looks very similar to the model that was released previously. However, if vertically places, there will be a wider display and it will be different.

So that is something that can affect the phone and its overall look a lot. Let us lookout for what we get.