Samsung: Samsung Fixes Its Camera Issues In A New Update For Galaxy S20


David Mudd

Samsung issues a new update to fix issues with its Galaxy S20 series camera. Read ahead to know more.

What Was The Issue

The series was going to launch the best camera specs. However, upon its launch, the camera started to show problems reported by its buyers and users. Furthermore, the focus feature in the camera seemed to be jumpy.

Samsung S20

It had difficulty identifying what’s it looking at. Also, the camera software took a lot of time to process the image. Moreover, the processing seemed to be aggressive. Also, the camera showed problems with macro-shots and close shots.

The company did not face these problems in the initial face of the phone’s testing. However, the company is now releasing the new update to fix camera problems. Samsung ran a phone test with its competitor, iPhone XS Max.

When both the cameras were compared, the S20 series showed problems with the focus feature. On the other hand, iPhone XS Max’s camera was working fine.

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The Update Will Be For

Samsung S20

The update is for Exynos variants of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The name of the update is

About The Update Galaxy S20

The Samsung update focuses mainly on autofocus issues. Furthermore, the update is first launched in the United States. The update can be downloaded from the Settings menu. Therefore, users of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra have to browse phone settings, and then open Software Update to download the new camera update.

Furthermore, the camera update has fixed problems arising in 108MP touting the camera of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Also, the autofocus in the S20 Ultra has been improved. Post the update, users will not come across the old problem again. Moreover, the autofocus feature is working just fine now.

Samsung S20

However, the update is not yet available for the Snapdragon model of the S20. Samsung is yet to announce the camera update for the Snapdragon models of S20.