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Samsung: Samsung Confirms New Galaxy Note And Fold Devices To Launch This Year


David Mudd

Samsung has confirmed that they have plans to make more devices in their Note lineup. They also hinted at a second iteration of the Galaxy Fold, among other things. These announcements aren’t a huge surprise, but the sudden nature of these reveals did catch people off guard.

Samsung Signal Their Intentions In A Press Release

Rumours about a potential Galaxy Note 20 or a Galaxy Fold 2 have been persistent around the internet for quite a while now. Samsung finally lent them some credibility. It was quite an unusual way for a smartphone company to make an announcement of this nature, though.

Usually, these companies like to make these announcements quite the spectacle and garner as much media coverage as possible. However, Samsung simply stated its intentions through a press release that was mainly about their results from the first quarter of 2020.


Samsung Confirms New Note And Foldables 

Among the many facts and figures they shared in this report, they made it a point to mention this little tidbit. It reads as follows:

“For the second half, amid uncertainties including the possibility of a prolonged pandemic, market competition is forecast to intensify as manufacturers strive to recover from the weakness in the first half. The Company will continue to offer differentiated products in the premium segment with the launch of new foldable and Note models.”

Here, they didn’t specify the Galaxy Fold 2 specifically. Rather, it seems that Samsung has plans to create a variety of foldable devices. They already got the ball rolling on that with the Galaxy Z Flip, but they might have more in store.

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These Devices Are Likely To Sport 5G

They didn’t just stop there, either. Samsung has already started rolling out its 5G devices with the Galaxy S20 series. So, they seem dead set on continuing that trend and making the 5G market even more competitive. The press release continues on to say the following:


“The Company also plans to enhance product competitiveness by expanding 5G adoption to mass-market smartphones and improve operational efficiency across all areas throughout R&D, production, supply, channel and marketing.”

We don’t have any information regarding specs as of right now. They’re certainly going to be top-of-the-line, though. Samsung’s plans to release these devices in the second half of 2020 also makes sense. They’ve always launched their Note devices in the August to October time-frame.

Samsung likely doesn’t have more to say about these devices anytime soon. When they do, though, it’ll likely be a proper event.