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Samsung: S20, S20+, S20 Ultra To Get Major Updates – Improved Auto-focus


David Mudd

Since the launch of Samsung S20 series, there were many bugs and software issues reported by the users. Slow auto focus in the camera was one of the main among them. After all, the company was working on the issues since then. Now the company has officially announced the news about the new updates for the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

Samsung S20

The camera app got iterated and improved for all these models. By this update, the company says that all the camera-related problems will be fixed. The new update will change the version to Besides, Autofocus will be more accurate and fast after the updates.

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The auto focus problem was mostly issued on s20 ultra. This will be the first firmware update after the launch of the series. Besides, The build number of the new update is G98-xx-XXU1ATCH. The “xx” will change with each model such as S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

More Details On The Update Samsung

The most important point is that the new updates are available now only in S20 models with Samsung’s processor Exynos. In future updates, it may also be available for Snapdragon 865 models too. The update may be over 250 MB in size.

It is already got updated with new firmware in some places. Many of the users who had experience with the new update said that they experienced good auto and manual focus. It is not concluded with camera updates. There are some other improvements too happened with the update.


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Some of the improvements that come with the update include touch gestures. If you are an S20 user and you didn’t get any notifications on new updates. You can check it manually from the settings. However, there are no updates available about the exact date when the update released all over the world.

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