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Samsung Revealed Its 50MP Camera Sensor


David Mudd

Samsung revealed its 50MP ISO CELL camera sensor right after announcing it this week. The ISOCELL GN1 camera sensor comes with larger pixels and 8K video capability. Besides, this will be an answer from the company for its autofocus problem in S20 models. This comes with faster and reliable autofocus with the help of 100 million focus units.

After all, Tetracell pixel binning and dual-pixel autofocus are together coming for the first time in an image sensor from the company. The 50MP ISOCELL GNI sensor will be of 11/1.3-inch. Besides, Tetracell technology will turn the 1.2μm pixel size which is common to 2.4μm pixels.

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Samsung's 50MP ISOCELL GN1 Camera Sensor: Specifications Of The ...

The Sensor Comes With Improved Low-Light Feature

For improved low light images, the sensor will capture 2.5MP stills in 2.4μm in pixel-binning mode. Besides, Samsung claims that the 50MP sensor is capable of taking 100MP pictures by using its algorithms. After all, the company will start the ISOCELL GN1 sensor’s mass production later this month.

New smartphone models featuring the new sensor are also expected to be seen later this year. Some of the other features that come within the sensor include gyro-based EIS, Smart ISO, and 30fps video recording in up to 8K. The sensor will be a rival for Sony‘s IMX700 which comes with almost similar features. At last, Samsung is already in the world of rumors with news for making outside the box sensors. Some of the rumored sensors include 150 MP, 250 MP, and 600 MP camera sensors.

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