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Samsung: Leaks Out About A Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


David Mudd

We are already waiting for the Samsung Note 20 smartphone reveal. While that expectation remains on point, other leaks are out there about a Note 20 Ultra model. After all, this year Samsung launched the latest flagship S20 in three different versions. And it included an S20 Ultra in it. So, the leaks cannot be avoided like anything.

The Ultra model in the S20 series is the top-end model in the three. It has the highest specifications alongside the highest price on the list. Earlier, it was reported that the Note series from Samsung will only have two versions such as Note 20 and Note 20 Pro. Meanwhile, a new Bluetooth SIG certification mentioned Note 20 by adding Ultra in the name.

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More Information On The Leak About The Note 20 Ultra

Everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - The Tech Education

A model number mentioned in the certificate is SM-N986U. It sounds familiar with the model number of the Note 10 Plus which was SM-N976U. After all, now a new model associated with Samsung Note 20 Plus is seen. The model number of the Samsung Note 20 Plus is SM-9860. Besides, in the upcoming Note series, all models are expected to be 5G capable.

We need to wait for the dots to get connected. More reports or official announcements needs to make sure about the real facts.

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