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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus: Is The Camera Bump Annoying?

Some leaks and renders are already out there about the upcoming Samsung Note 20 Plus. Like most of Samsung’s latest smartphone models, the first thing ever gets noticed in the device is the chunky camera bump on the backside. Without including the 2.1mm of the camera module, the Note 20 Plus is expected to be 7.6mm. After all, it is a little thinner when compared with Note 10 Plus and S 20 Ultra.

Four camera sensors are said to be in the back in which three are placed vertically. Besides, a depth camera is placed under the flash on the other side. Technology is getting far better but the form factors of new devices are getting more difficult to accept nowadays.


Galaxy Note 20 Design Envisioned In Concept Renders

Thoughts On The New Model

Whatever new things these new smartphones bring, they all are getting spoiled in many other aspects. Besides, the designs are almost the same in most of the phones with their predecessors. All they do is making minute changes and gives a hole punch on the display for the selfie camera.

Change of position of S-Pen and speaker vents to the left side is a change. Beyond that this will also not have the headphone jack. Note 20 and Note 20 Plus, both look exactly the same in renders.



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