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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Fold 2 Tipped To Come Without S-Pen Stylus Price, Leaks And What To Expect

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is one of the most anticipated devices among the smartphone enthusiast community. Samsung’s first iteration of the Galaxy Fold wasn’t perfect, but it has its admirers. It’s also exciting to see something unique in this space.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Confirmed In S20 Kernel

So, the prospect of a Galaxy Fold 2 is naturally going to garner a lot of hype. We know for sure that it’s a real thing, too. In the kernel code for the Galaxy S20, XDA Developers found references to two yet unannounced Samsung devices.

One is the Galaxy Note 20, and the other is the Galaxy Fold 2. Early rumours surrounding the Fold 2 also hinted at the fact that it may share a common feature with the Note series. That common feature being its compatibility with the S-pen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Fold 2 Might Not Feature An S-Pen

This rumour came from Max Weinbach, who is a reliable leaker, so it had some pedigree, too. However, a recent blog post on Korean website Naver suggests that the S-pen might not work with the Fold 2 after all.

The user who made this Naver post claims to be an industry insider with knowledge of Samsung’s plans regarding the Galaxy Fold 2. They also stated that Samsung is sticking to a design that’s similar to the first Galaxy Fold. This is apparently in an effort to reduce manufacturing times.

This blog post also references a rear camera module that may be similar to the Galaxy S20 Plus. That would give the Galaxy Fold 2 a triple camera setup, with a 12MP+12MP+64MP module.

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Some Rumours That Are Likely To Be True

Much of the information in this blog post flies in the face of earlier rumours. There were some reports claiming that the Galaxy Fold 2 may have a hole-punch camera like the S20 series. Other, more ambitious reports even went as far as saying it would have a camera under the display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

There are a few bits of information that seem to be guaranteed, though. For one, the Galaxy Fold 2 is almost certain to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor. For another, it may also feature a 256GB and a 512GB storage option. That 256GB model might come in cheaper than the original Galaxy Fold, which retails at $1980.

Samsung may be taking this approach due to the lessons they’ve learnt from the Galaxy Z Flip. That device comes in at $1380, so Samsung may want a device that’s positioned between the Z Flip and the highest-end Fold.

We haven’t heard any official confirmation about this device from Samsung, but it’s likely that they’re aiming for an August release for the Galaxy Fold 2.

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