Samsung Creates Military Edition For Galaxy S20

Samsung made a Tactical Edition for its S20 model for those who carry highly classified and confidential data. The whole model got big and hard by physical appearance. However, as a common user, you cant become an owner of such a special edition. Because this is mainly made for US military and federal government purposes. It made as the name suggests, yes tactical up to the core.

It can connect to special radios and systems which are tactical. Besides, two-layer encryption will make every top secrete data extra safe. After all, the combat modes included in the device are also pretty amazing and useful for tactical operations.

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Samsung Introduces Military-Grade Tactical Galaxy S20 - HYPEBEAST ...

Tactical Edition Specifications And Combat-Related Features Of S20

When the user is wearing a night vision goggles, the screen can be turned on and off with one switch. Besides, by using the stealth mode, it can prevent all LTE and RF broadcasts. It helps to stop even the smallest possibility of eavesdropping. When the device is been mounted on your chest, the device can unlock and launch any apps quickly.

The technical features of the model are the same as a normal S20. That includes a display of 6.2-inch with 1440p. A Snapdragon 865 processor along with 12GB RAM runs the device. Moreover, it is powered by a 4000 mAh battery along with a front and rear camera with the same features as usual.

After all, it is not sure that if the phone will be rugged or instead they use a rugged case. The variant will be available in the third quarter of the year.

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