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Samsung Chromebook: Expensive $999 Model Hit With Critical Reviews?


David Mudd

This is a market of growth. Every day you see thousands of new features on a new machine.

Every brand is trying to gain the most customers by providing the best features. All the laptops are getting faster and thinner.

More compatible for you with the most storage. There are also many cosmetic features including back-lighting and other designing of the machines.

Now, with the Samsung Chromebook release, everyone is divided. It has a huge price of $999. But then it is a Chromebook.

However, the only question that is bugging everyone is if this Chromebook is worth its price.

Samsung Chromebook

More About The Galaxy Chromebook

usually, Chromebooks have come at a lesser price. Bu far, they have gone as far as $650. Now, with the new Chromebook, you have an amazing battery life.

Something that we all desire. So, it is a premium device for users that bring a change. People are going mad over it.

But the price makes you question twice. You want to look at the features and ask yourself if it is worth it anymore.

More importantly, it is important to understand if there is something close to this in the market at a better price. These questions are bugging the consumers.

Pros Of Samsung Chromebook

Samsung has worked very hard on its design. It looks beautiful. The screen is commendable. Moreover, the hardware is well thought about.

So, there is no problem with those areas. You get good storage. Also, it comes with the most amazing and helpful tool There is a stylus included with your device.

It can prove exceptionally handy in business meetings and even otherwise. So, it is sure to attract a lot of people in that arena.

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Cons Of Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook