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Samsung: A New 150MP Phone Camera Sensor Reportedly In Works

Samsung had launched its latest flagship smartphone S 20 Ultra this year. The camera sensor of the S 20 Ultra is 108 Mega Pixel. It made the S20 series, the highest resolution sensors that presently available in the smartphone market.

However, Samsung is not yet planned to take rest or an interval from everything. They have already started there work on 150 Mega Pixel Nonacell sensors. Those sensors are expected to arrive on smartphones by Q4 2020.

More About 150MP Sensor

Rumors says that the 150 MegaPixel sensor will appear initially in Xiaomi’s smartphones. They may use this sensor in one of their upcoming flagship models.

Leakages say also that Oppo and Vivo are the other two companies looking forward to implementing 150 MegaPixel sensors. Beyond all these rumors, we have to wait and see if Samsung will launch a flagship model smartphone with 150 MegaPixel Sensors.

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However, there are not many details are available about 150 MP sensors yet. Rumors indicate that it will be a much more advanced version of existing 108 MP sensors. 150 MP may use a new technique to ensure quality in low light modes, known as advanced pixel binning. They will also produce 16 MP pixel-binned photos like 108 MP in low light.

New advanced mobile phone processors such as Snapdragon 865 can make the device capable of high megapixel sensors. If it happens with 150 MP, that will create a new era of 8k video recording in smartphone cameras.

More Updates From Samsung?

If the reports are going to be true. Samsung is also working on a new processor, the Exynos 1000. Besides that, they also rumored about making a 144 MP sensor.

By using Snapdragon 865, smartphones can support up to 200 MP of sensors. Those sensors can produce images from super sensors like that with no trouble. After all, we want to know that these reports are all from unofficial rumors. No one even knows other than the company about the real facts behind these rumors.

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