Sam’s Club Review: A great place to shop


Mohit Kamboj

Sam’s Club is a great place to shop if you’re searching for a good deal, a broad selection of products, and bulk purchases. Sam’s Club surpasses much of the competition with their online grocery delivery service that offers everything from snacks and coffee to fresh fruit, frozen foods, and even meal packages. The large supermarket has joined with Instacart to deliver groceries in as little as one hour, allowing you to receive a wide variety of items with amazing delivery speed.

Sam’s Club – Pros and Cons



Thousands of goods at wholesale prices Member of Sam’s Club necessary to use
Several goods are eligible for free delivery Not all goods are available for shipping
Club Members Perks Not readily available Instacart delivery information

Sam’s Club at a Glance

Services offered: In-store, online shopping, delivery

Price per delivery: Varies depending on order, location, and membership tier

Delivery options: From one-hour and Depending on Location

Subscription: Regular membership, plus membership

What’s Special About Sam’s Club?

Where can you go for big purchases, substantial discounts, and a pleasant shopping experience overall? Of course, Sam’s Club. And you’ll be happy to learn that the same nice reviews apply to the online grocery delivery service as well. While you will miss out on the awe-inspiring experience of browsing the seemingly endless aisles of the vast warehouse, the online experience offers convenience, fantastic rates, and a lot of choice. In addition to this, I believe the following benefits set Sam’s Club apart:

  • Bulk shopping
  • Membership benefits
  • Lightning-fast delivery

Bulk Shopping:

Most people love Sam’s Club because you can buy large quantities of your favourite foods. This is wonderful not simply because once you pop, you can’t stop. But it’s also amazing because the price per unit decreases as quantity increases. Hence, you save money on the products you purchase most frequently. Sam’s Club is excellent at displaying your potential savings. I appreciate that the unit pricing is listed for each item. So, you can clearly see how much items cost and how much you can save compared to conventional supermarkets.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the online version of some items may suffer a markup. It is unclear which items and quantities are involved.

Membership Benefits:

In addition to being a member of the cool kids’ club, Sam’s Club memberships offer discounts on petrol, tyre and battery centre inspections, and cash back on all Sam’s Club MasterCard transactions. Plus members receive additional benefits, which I will discuss in a moment.

Lightning-fast delivery:

Ultimately, what truly blew me away was the delivery speed. The partnership with Instacart enables Sam’s Club to offer deliveries within one hour. This is the fastest online grocery delivery service currently available.

How It Works

Online shopping is not the same as shopping at Sam’s Club stores, but if you’re short on time, it’s a fantastic option to get your goods delivered to your home without the trouble. Here is how it operates:

Create an account: You do not need to sign in or create an account to start shopping. To use your membership perks, make lists, or add items to your favourites, however, you must be logged in. In addition, you must sign in prior to making a purchase. Hence, you might as well begin now. It is also important to note that you must be a Sam’s Club member in order to utilise the online grocery delivery services. Sam’s Club will request your membership number and the zip code or phone number it has on file when you create an account.

Get Shopping: You may now begin your grocery shopping. Sam’s Club has tens of thousands of products. But this may be the most difficult part: refraining from buying everything in the shop! It is recommended to arrive with a list prepared. Sam’s Club actually simplifies this process by allowing you to construct digital lists of commonly purchased and desired items. You may build several lists and save things by clicking on the list icon next to each product. It is all really seamless and very well.

Check Out: Once you’re done buying, you can enter your details such as shipping address, coupon codes, and payment details. Select your delivery window and wait for the delivery of your things.

Pricing Details

Regular Club Membership Plus Membership
Price per year $45 $100
Cash rewards No 2% back on relevant purchases up to $500 per year
Free shipping Limited products Majority of products
Early shopping No Yes
Pharmacy No Free prescriptions and 600+ medications for $10 or less
Optical No 20% off pair of glasses and free shipping on contacts
Instant savings Yes Yes
Sam’s Club MasterCard Earn 1% cash back at Sam’s Club Earn 3% cash back at Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club MasterCard Earn 1% cash back at Sam’s Club Earn 3% cash back at Sam’s Club
Fuel discount Yes Yes
Tire and battery centre Yes Yes
Complimentary membership Yes Yes
Add on memberships Yes Yes

Sam’s Club is focused on discounts. You can get a large quantity of items for substantially less than at a conventional grocery store. To make use of this service, membership is required. Sam’s Club offers two levels of membership. Regular club members pay $45 a year and receive a variety of benefits, such as free flat tyre repair, exclusive discounts, and 1% return on purchases made with a Sam’s Club MasterCard. You will also receive 5% cashback on petrol purchases and 3% cashback on meals for the first year. Free shipping is available, although it is not always a certainty.

Meanwhile, Plus members receive free shipping on the majority of things in the shop, in addition to a number of other advantages. Plus members, for instance, receive 2% cashback on most transactions (up to $500 annually) for general goods, five free prescriptions, 600+ generic prescriptions for $10 or less, and up to 16 add-ons for $40. In addition, cashback on MasterCard purchases is increased to 3% from 1% for regular customers. An annual Plus membership is $100.

Sam’s Club offers a variety of delivery and pickup options. In-store shoppers can also utilise the scan-and-go payment technique, which is not applicable for online purchases.

Help & Support Centre

Sam’s Club’s website features an extensive support section. Also, you can contact the company via phone, live chat, and social media platforms.

Ph. 1 (888) 746-7726

Bottom Line

Sam’s Club has always been a favourite of consumers who enjoy shopping in large quantities, a wide variety of selections, and steep savings on the products they currently purchase. The online alternative has been equally enjoyable as the in-store option. Sam’s Club offers a variety of delivery alternatives with the same excellent discounts. I appreciate that you can still receive all the benefits of a normal or plus membership even when you’re not in the shop, and Sam’s Club offers a lot of benefits.