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Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams: a Documentary on the History of a Brilliant Shoe Designer!

It’s not unexpected that the Salvatore Ferragamo luxury goods company chose Luca Guadagnino as the filmmaker for one of the best-dressed movies in recent Italian cinema to create a dedicated documentary tribute to its long-deceased creator. Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams seems to be a rather traditional affair.

Describing in detail the renowned shoe designer’s journey from modest village roots to slightly earlier Hollywood achievement to fashion-world aristocracy in simple and direct thrusts, stuffed with talking heads as well as flashing archival footage.

Anyone anticipating Guadagnino’s usual ostentatious stylistic brushstrokes implemented to the topic, even so, could be surprised to discover that “Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams” is just amazing. It is difficult to believe that this quirky, multicolored wedge-sole sandal must have been designed in 1938.

It isn’t some superfly pop art indulgence of the pop world as one watches a craftsman inside the Salvatore Ferragamo session throughout Florence work through into the intricate step-by-step convention of Italian shoe creator’s renowned Rainbow model.

This is a perfect example of the innovator’s audacious inventiveness from the twentieth century, who is considered to be the main designer of the manufactured for Italy fashion movement.

When Did the Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams Got Release?

Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams

Guadagnino was confirmed as the director of a documentary about Salvatore Ferragamo around January 2019. Guadagnino announced the movie was in post-production through March 2020.

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On September 5, 2020, the movie made its global debut there at Venice Film Festival. Before that, Sony Pictures Classics bought the movie’s worldwide distribution rights, except in Italy.

What Do We Know About the Documentary?

Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams

The movie exposes how the modest Italian shoemaker rose to fame in Hollywood as more than just a creator of style and comfort, becoming a fashion icon. Following the year 2020, the movie is anticipated to be released by Sony Pictures Classics having its international debut in 2020.

Through a display of the different shoes he created for Marilyn Monroe, the film develops the notion of his shoe empire. Ferragamo began his shoemaking profession at a very young age, working for a renowned Italian fashion store before founding his store at the age of 12.

He ultimately succeeds in his aim of immigrating to America, arriving at the young age of fifteen in 1915 as well as entering Hollywood at the dawn of the motion picture industry.

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The movie depicts Ferragamo from hardship throughout the beginning of the 20th century to Hollywood fame at the birth of either the industry, through into the Great Depression as well as WWII, until he discovered new footing with his high-end products in Florence.

It does so by fusing excited talk show hosts, uncovering home movies, as well as plenty of closeups of conspicuous feet. Guadagnino’s poetic investment throughout Ferragamo’s work is intense from the outset, as hand-scrawled writing creates the setup as well as the camera pans into the heart of a factory to admire the work there.

Even viewers who are unaware of the fashion heritage at the side will locate this to be the case.

Who Was Involved in the Documentary Film?

Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams

Martin Scorsese briefly appears to discuss how Ferragamo’s creative output melded with Hollywood to create a high-profile fashion house that epitomized stardom.

Several fashion professionals also attend to talk about how Ferragamo was ahead of his time and how his work continues to be unique today. The designer of the footwear called them “passion with a comfort.”

Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams was made possible by just a 100-year-old archive of recordings, Michael Stuhlbarg‘s narration of Ferragamo’s 1955 autobiography.

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PES’ stop-motion task for a shoe ballet, as well as commentary from just a wide range of people, which include Scorsese, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington, Variety movie critic Todd McCarthy, Ferragamo’s wife Wanda Ferra. 

The movie aims to depict Ferragamo’s profession as well as his love for Wanda, which continued until his passing in 1960.

Trailer of Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams!

Let’s get a little understanding of this great shoemaker in this wonderful trailer.


What is the IMDB rating of Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams?

The IMDB rating of Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams is 6.4/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the documentary?

The estimated runtime of the documentary is two hours.

What is the main language of the film?

The biography of Salvatore Ferragamo is indeed the theme of the 2020 Italian English-language television documentary Salvatore Shoemaker of Dreams.


Salvatore Ferragamo, an underprivileged young cobbler from Italy, traveled via Naples to America in the early twentieth century in search of a better life. He made his home in Southern California as well as rose to fame as Hollywood’s go-to shoemaker in the period before sound.

He went back to Italy in 1927 and established his own high-end company in Florence. His exploits are detailed in this long documentary.

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