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Bounce TV announced in 2015 that “Saints and Sinners” would be the network’s first drama (through Broadcasting+Cable), and the show premiered in 2016. The soapy mystery, which began in 2016 and contained classic melodramatic elements set against the backdrop of a Baptist church in Georgia, was inspired by the hit television show “Empire” (via the Los Angeles Times).

It quickly became Bounce TV’s most popular show, with the second episode reaching 1.5 million viewers on the first night. A press statement from Bounce TV dubbed it a “smash hit” almost immediately. According to The FutonCritic, it has remained a solid product over the years, occasionally outperforming the major networks in specific important categories, such as young adults.

The show has now completed five seasons, each of which contained eight episodes. It aired seasons in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and then 2021 — skipping 2020, most likely due to the COVID-19 epidemic — but it added a special named “Judgment Day” in the first half of the season in early 2021. So, assuming the programme is renewed, fans may expect Season 6 to premiere sometime in the second half of next year. Here’s what we know so far about new episodes of “Saints and Sinners” that will air in the near future.

Saints and Sinners Season 6 Release Date

saints and sinners season 6

“Saints and Sinners” has not yet been renewed for a sixth season, but many in the business anticipate that it will be done soon. Bounce TV doesn’t have a large number of scripted programming at the moment, and the soap opera still appears to be in good shape for the time being. According to a press statement issued by the network in late 2019, the show’s popularity has been steadily increasing in recent seasons, with the fourth season attracting 7.1 million viewers in total. Bounce TV would be prudent to capitalise on its current success if it could maintain it beyond the pandemic period.

The fact that it has not yet been renewed should not cause too much concern among enthusiasts. “Saints and Sinners” was not renewed for a fourth season until January of 2019, and the show didn’t begin broadcasting until July of that year, despite the fact that Season 3 had wrapped in May of the previous year. The decision to renew Season 5 didn’t come until August 2020, about a year after the conclusion of Season 4. Given that previous seasons have broadcast in the middle of the year, between April and August (according to IMDb), it is likely that production for the next season will begin before an announcement is made. Season 6 is expected to premiere in the spring or summer of 2022, barring any setbacks.

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Saints and Sinners Season 6 Cast Members

There’s no way to know for sure who will or won’t be returning for Season 6 until it’s officially confirmed. The drama series has a vast cast, and it’s not uncommon for numerous actors to play the same character at the same time. Vanessa Bell Calloway played Ella, J.D. Williams played Jabari, Dawn Halfkenny played Angela, Clifton Powell played Rex, Tami Roman played Felicia, Jasmine Burke played Christie, Gregory Alan Winters played Victor, Patrice Fisher played Stacia, Karlie Redd played Paige, Keith Robinson played Miles, Christian Keyes played Levi, Demetria McKinney played Tamara, Donna Biscoe played Lady Leona, and Tray Chaney played Kendrick.

Ty Scott created the series, and it is executive produced by Scott, Ri-Karlo Handy, and Elizabeth Kealoha, who are all members of the cast. Nigel Campbell, who also works as an executive producer, is in charge of the show’s direction.

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Saints and Sinners Season 6 Plot

saints and sinners season 6

Oh, the intrigue! The fifth season of “Saints and Sinners” came to a close with a bang – literally. Victor is shot during a confrontation with Ella and her children, Leona is shown to be the leader of an organ trafficking network, Felicia leaves town, and Tamara takes over as CEO of Upsurge while simultaneously setting up camp in Levi’s office, among other revelations in the finale. And that isn’t even the most impressive part of it. Angela is kidnapped at the end of the episode, and she has a relationship with Uncle Ray Ray that has yet to be fully revealed. At the same moment, Ella, who has been expelled from her prestigious job in a similar manner as Levi, comes up and offers him a proposition.

These sequences unmistakably sowed the seeds of treachery, manipulation, greed, corporate politics, and a slew of secrets that would blossom in the next sixth season. We can only hope that the character of Leona continues to develop positively, as the show spent much of the fifth season showing her softer side before revealing her true identity as a criminal mastermind. What Ella and Levi are up to, as well as how their actions will affect the happenings in the town of Cypress, will also be of interest to viewers in the following season. Hopefully, the year 2022 will bring back this sinful pleasure in a timely manner, since we need answers to those issues, and we need them now!

Saints & Sinners Season 6 Trailer

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