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Sadhguru Net Worth: Interesting Facts About Sadhguru


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Sadhguru is the founder and head of the Isha Foundation, based in Coimbatore, India. He was born on 3 September 1957. The Isha foundation established in the year 1992, operates an ashram and yoga centre for educational and spiritual activities. He has been teaching yoga since 1982.

Sadhguru believes in protecting the environment against climate change. In order to save the environment, he has taken several initiatives including, Project GreenHands (PGH), Cauvery Calling, the Journey to Save Soil and Rally for Rivers.

He is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy and Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny. No one can deny to this fact that Sadhguru’s influence in the society plays a vital role , However, he has become part of criticism as well; he has been criticized for promoting pseudoscientific statements made by him.

In this article, we are going to keep you updated with all the information about Sadhguru in detail. Let’s have a look on what we have found out so far for you.

Sadhguru: Net Worth

Sadhguru is a spiritual leader, yogi, and founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization offers yoga and meditation to make human life and existence better. He is known for his teachings, philanthropic work and his business ventures.

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According to web Sadhguru has a net worth estimated to be $50 million as of 2023. Sadhguru has claimed that he does not own any personal assets, and his wealth is invested in the Isha Foundation’s various projects and programs.

Sadhguru: Early Years

Sadhguru was raised as Jagadish Vasudev, also referred to as Jaggi. He was born in a Telugu family on 3 September 1957, in Mysore, Mysore State (now in Karnataka, India) to mother, Susheela Vasudev and father, B.V. Vasudev.

Sadhguru: Education

Vasudev (Sadhguru) completed his formal education but shown no interest in post-secondary schooling. However, one year later, he attended the University of Mysore, where he studied English literature, earned second rank. He decided not to continue further education and rather began a career in business.

Sadhguru: Work

As mentioned above, after graduating from the University of Mysore, Sadhguru built a career in business, a poultry farm, in Mysore. The business required less time only and thus he was able to write poetry in free time. His family was against poultry business. As a result, he decided to chase construction industry with a company named Buildaids. With a friend, a civil engineer, he began his construction business.

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His attention shifted to spiritual journey and that is when, at the age of 25, he was no longer into businesses and began to travel and teach yoga.

Sadhguru: Spiritual Journey

What really happened that made Sadhguru shut down the idea of business? Sadhguru’s spiritual experience took place when he turned 25. On 23 September 1982, while driving up Chamundi Hill, he sat on a stone and had his first spiritual experience. He explained, “All my life I had thought, this is me…But now the air I was breathing, the rock on which I was sitting, the atmosphere around me — everything had become me.”

Six weeks later, he decided not to continue his businesses and travelled to get involved into spiritual journey. He did meditation and travel for a year and then decided to teach yoga to share the idea of spirituality.

Sadhguru: Marriage and Child

Sadhguru, previously known as Vasudev married his wife, Vijikumari, in the year 1984. They welcomed their only child, Radhe in 1990. Unfortunately Vijikumari died on 23 January 1997. Their child, Radhe trained in Bharatanatyam at the Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai. Radhe then married Indian classical vocalist Sandeep Narayan in 2014.

Establishment of Isha Foundation By Sadhguru

Isha Foundation was established by Sadhguru in 1992. He bought land near the Velliangiri mountains in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and established the Isha Yoga Center.

Isha Foundation is basically a place for his spiritual, environmental, and educational activities. Volunteers run all the foundation’s activities. It offers yoga programmes, known as Isha Yoga. Isha Foundation also offers an educational initiate called Isha Vidhya which has the idea to improve the quality of education in rural India.

Sadhguru Net Worth

Sadhguru: Environmental Activities

Sadhguru has done various environmental activities that aim to save the environment we live in. He has launched projects and protection, such as Project GreenHands (PGH), Rally for Rivers, Cauvery Calling, and Save Soil. “PGH” talks about water and soil issues in Tamil Nadu through reforestation. “Rally for Rivers” talks about building widespread support for river revitalization across India.

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In 2022, Sadhguru did a 100-day motorcycle journey from London to India. The intention behind this action was to raise awareness towards soil degradation issues. He addressed the journey as “Journey to Save Soil.”

In May 2022, he asked the leaders of 195 countries at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification to talk about “Journey to Save Soil”. Sadhguru was invited by Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, and podcast host Joe Rogan, to discuss about the movement.

Sadhguru as a Public Speaker

Sadhguru is known as a public speaker who has been invited to discuss about various matters at conferences across the globe, like the United Nations’ Millennium World Peace Summit, the Massachusetts Institute Technology, the International Institute for Management Development and more. He has also spoken at the annual World Economic Forum in 2007, 2017 and 2020.

Sadhguru: Honors and Awards

Sadhguru was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian award from the Government of India, in 2017, for his contribution to the spirituality. He stood 92nd in The Indian Express’ list of 100 most powerful Indians in 2012 as well as 40th in India Today’s list of fifty most powerful Indians in 2019.

Interesting Facts About Sadhguru

  • Sadhguru has spoken at the annual World Economic Forum in 2007, 2017 and 2020.
  • In 2019, Sadhguru addressed a Muslim student in London as a “Taliban,” for which he apologized after being critized.
  • Sadhguru was criticized for his comments on the negative effects that a lunar eclipse can have on the body’s energy.


Sadhguru is a spiritual leader, yogi, and founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization. His net worth is $50 million. His popularity and influence in Indian society has been increasing day by day. His spiritual, enviormental and educational ideas have led to start many activities, although, some of his statements have brought him into criticism and controversy as well.

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