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Ryan Dawkins Net Worth: How Wealthy Is This CEO?



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If you are a sports enthusiast who also enjoys festivals, you may have heard of Mascot Sports. Ryan Dawkins is the CEO of this private corporation.

He rose to prominence in 2022 as Clare Crawley‘s new lover on The Bachelorette. Clare Crawley, the former Bachelorette lead, is currently dating someone outside of the Bachelor group. She believes Ryan Dawkins is the ideal match for her.

She posted a video of herself and an unidentified male on Tuesday. Despite the fact that Crawley did not reveal the identity of her new lover, many on the Internet assumed it was Mascot Sports CEO Ryan Dawkins.

However, the rumours have recently proven to be genuine. In the video’s caption, she merely included a pink heart and the word “Him.” As the couple sings along in the car, Crawley can be seen giggling in the video, which she also posted to her Instagram story with the description “my dream match.”

In the complete version of the video, which was posted on Crawley’s Instagram Story, they can be seen kissing in the car.

What Is The Net Worth Of Ryan Dawkins?

Ryan Dawkins had a net worth of more than $1 million in 2022. His girlfriend Clare, on the other hand, was considered to be worth around $800,000 at the time.

Childhood of Ryan Dawkins

Ryan Dawkins graduated from college while he was young. Ryan Dawkins was one of the participants who masked her boyfriend’s name on social media, according to internet users. Despite his prominence as a businessman, no one knows when he was born.

Still, Dawkins appears to be 44 years old. His other half, Crawley, is 41 years old. Lilia and James gave birth to her on March 20, 1981, in Sacramento, California, USA. She frequently mentions them in her social media posts.

Dawkins earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University in 1998. He then went back to school and earned an MBA in Entrepreneurial Strategy.

Ryan Dawkins Net Worth

Profession of Ryan Dawkins

He began working in health management at Montgomery Securities/Bank of America Securities in 1998. This is one of his career accomplishments.

Before becoming a consultant for Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc., he worked there for 2.5 years. His latest triumphs as Project Sport’s creator and manager are available (acquired by Raceforce, LLC). 14 years.

Project Sport has transformed the way competitive running is played in the 15 years since it began. OmniForce, LLC purchased it in February 2014, and it has grown into a prominent event production, management, and promotion firm.

RaceForce, LLC, the new company, will carry on the company’s heritage of making established events more appealing and financially feasible, while also guiding the development of all recent events in partnership with event directors, sponsors, and community and civic partners.

In June, Acquisition International presented the company’s president, Ryan Dawkins, with the “Best CEO in Events” Business Excellence Award. The prize was presented in recognition of the company’s achievement. He has been the CEO of Mascot Sports since 2015.

Ryan Dawkins Net Worth

He’s still improving the company’s goals. As of August 31, 2022, a San Francisco CEO made $169,047. Hourly rate is $81.27.

This is $3,250/week or $14,087/month. Los Angeles has the same median CEO pay as San Francisco, $291,895. The top 10% earn between $100,952 and $218,633 annually (75th percentile).

Ryan Dawkins runs Mascot. He’s worth $25 million and makes $300,000 a year. Mascot Sports CEO Ryan Dawkins Former entrepreneur Ryan Dawkins joined Mascot Sports in 2016.

His perseverance paid off when the firm opened in 2017. Athletes, corporations, and events are fueling innovation, per his LinkedIn page.

Mascot works with well-known companies on sponsorships, experiential marketing, and athlete representation. Their team of leaders and business owners take risks, revolutionise the industry, and redefine endurance.

Dawkins joins Oakland Run. His Linkedin lacks Oakland Run Co. Beginning with mascots. Oakland event planners promote running and fitness.

California hosts many marathons, according to social media.

Events include the Bay Bridge Half, Oaktown Half + 5K, Oakland Turkey Trot, and Livermore Valley Half.

Ryan Dawkins Net Worth

Personal Life of Ryan Dawkins

The CEO is referred to as “Daddy Girl” in his Instagram bio. According to his CV on the Mascot Sports website, he lives in Oakland, California, with his daughters. It’s an emoji that shows he has two children.

His previous relationship, however, remains a mystery because he does not share anything on the internet. Despite their difficult relationship, his partner does not have children.

Crawley announced her new partner to her Instagram followers on September 5, although a remark on the post hinted that they had been dating for some time. “Yo yo, baby!! Finally. “It’s funny that you’re still trapped after a year,” Defacto Salon said on the reality star’s Instagram.

In her assessment, Crawley stated that she dated Dale Moss during season 16 of “The Bachelorette.” In January 2021, five months after he proposed, their romance ended. They split up again in September after reaching an agreement.

Claire Crawley believes that following the rules of the popular reality programme when she divorced Moss was her biggest mistake. Crawley proposed to Moss just a few weeks into her “Bachelorette” season, despite having broken up with him twice previously.

The reality TV actress went on to claim that their divorce, her surgery to remove her breast implants, and her mother’s troubles due to her illness had all made things more difficult.

Blake Monar and Crawley are mentioned together. Crawley and Monar’s relationship was never made public. Benoit Beauséjour-Savard and Crawley’s engagement ended after the 2018 Bachelor Winter Games. They are still getting along fine.

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