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Rush Hour 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Cast and Crew and More!

Rush Hour 4 looked like it was close to passing back in 2019 when Chris Tucker said he was still talking about a fourth movie with Jackie Chan.

 This was not the first time though that a implicit fourth movie was supposedly close to starting. In October 2017, Chan revealed he’d agreed on a script and also Tucker verified in February 2018 that he was also on board.

That was apparently going to retake in 2018 but – spoiler alert – that noway happed. suckers still got agitated when Tucker participated a print of the two stars holding up four fritters each, but there was a twist still to come.

 Chan’s operation company released a statement shortly after this Instagram post to say that, actually, the star had not agreed to star in Rush Hour 4, so it sounded like we were back at square one.

And since also, we have not had any update about a implicit fourth movie, so your conjecture is as good as ours as to whether it’s actually passing or not.

 So then is where we stand with Rush Hour 4 and everything you need to know about it.

Rush Hour 4 Implicit Release Date When Will Rush Hour 4 Be Released?

 Until the movie gets under way, there is no way of knowing the exact release date for the fourth movie, but grounded on the former pictures, it looks like we’ll be getting a late- summer release.

 Rush Hour came out on September 18, 1998, with the effect following on August 3, 2001 and the threequel on August 10, 2007.

 It’s doubtful that the fourth movie will go into product this time, so you are looking at 2023 at the foremost for filming to start. That would indicate a summer 2024 release at the veritably foremost.

 But do not hold your breath.

rush hour 4 release date

Rush Hour 4 Cast Who Is Coming Back for Rush Hour 4?

 For now, we’ll assume that both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker would be back as mismatched brace Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter.

It would feel a bit strange to stay this long to do a fourth movie and also to go ahead with just one of them.

 Besides the two leads, there is not important compass for returns from the original trio as only Chan and Tucker are the reliances in the series. still, Tzi Ma could be back as Ambassador Solon Han after appearing in the first and third pictures.

Solon Han’s son Soo- Yung Han also featured in the first and third pictures, but has been played by Julia Hsu( Rush Hour) and Zhang Jingchu( Rush Hour 3).

 Do not anticipate to see anyone from the cancelled television series, just in case you were wondering.

Behind the camera, do not anticipate Brett Ratner to return as director moreover. He directed all three former pictures, but was indicted in 2017 of sexual importunity by Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge and four others. He denied all allegations.

 Following the allegations, Warner Bros( who released the trio through New Line Cinema) blazoned in April 2018 that it’ll not renew itsco-financing and first- look deals with Ratner and his company RatPac- Dune Entertainment( via Variety).

rush hour 4 release date

Will Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Return for Rush Hour 4?

 With both the product status and release date for Rush Hour 4 uncertain, it seems series suckers might also have to worry about whether the stars of the show will duplication their places for the presumably in- the- workshop effect.

As it stands, the last update on the film came from Tucker in late 2019 when the actor told ABC News,” Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing commodity new and commodity different, so we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll get commodity going real soon.”

 That is obviously a fairly loaded statement in that it implies Tucker and Chan mightre-team on the big screen for anon-Rush Hour film. The actor continued to muddy the waters girding Rush Hour 4 by adding,” We want to do commodity. We are looking at a lot of different systems. We will see which bone will come together first.”

 So it seems Chan and Tucker are relatively eager to work together again, indeed though Rush Hour 4 might not be the movie that gets them back together. Dispensable to say, it’s largely doubtful Rush Hour 4 will be if either Chan or Tucker conclude out.

In turn, the idea ofre-casting the ballot if both decide to pass seems appreciatively absurd though it’s technically formerly happed with different actors appearing as Carter and Lee in the short- lived 2016 CBS comedy the Rush Hour ballot inspired.

 As far as any other Rush Hour 4 casting news is concerned, it’s all kind of inapplicable until Carter and Lee are on board. On that note, does anybody know if Justin Hires and Jonathan Patrick Foo are free for a implicit ballot reboot?

rush hour 4 release date

What Will Rush Hour 4 Be About?

 While the returns of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to the Rush Hour fold are now in mistrustfulness, the one person we are confident won’t return is ballot helmer Brett Ratner. And despite claims to the contrary, the director has largely fallen off the Hollywood radar since several actors came forward with disquieting allegations of grievous sexual misconduct — allegations that Ratner continues to deny( via Digital Spy).

With the director’s president on Rush Hour 4 likely open, it’s safe to imagine directors would want a familiar face on the creative platoon, which means they’d probably want Rush Hour 2 and 3 scribe Jeff Nathanson back in the blend to pen the fourth chapter.

As of this jotting, it appears neither Nathanson or any other screenwriter in Hollywood are actually working on Rush Hour 4. As similar, plot details for the film are relatively hard to come by. Still, one might rightfully assume there is at least a loose plot swinging out there as both Tucker and Chan have conceded seeing a script in the not- too distant history. So notoriety easily knows what the film will be about. Unfortunately, it’s not us.

 As the previous Rush Hour films have basically been standalone stories connected substantially by the presence of Lee and Carter, we can not really look to them to posit propositions about the coming chapter.

That being the case, our vaticination is that Lee and Carter will find themselves working a new case together in Rush Hour 4, and presumably taking down some major transnational crime ring in the process. And yes, they’ll do so while slinging one- liners at each other and mugging hilariously for the camera.

rush hour 4 release date


 ‘ Rush Hour 4 ’ is an forthcoming American adventure, action, comedy, crime, suspenser film written by Ross LaManna. It’s produced by Arthur Sarkissian.

 It’s the fourth investiture in the Rush hour series. The first movie released in 1998, with conclusions following in 2001 and 2007.

 Each film was directed by Brett Ratner but the news of him joining the new investiture in the series isn’t verified yet.

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