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Rush Hour 4 Cast: Beside Jackie Chen And Chris Tucker, Who Will be There?

What happens when a silent and patient person meets with a loud mouthed guy over a case?Well, if you are a film geek then there is no chance of you missing this story in your early days. Rush hour is one of the classical masterpieces for the audience to look for. The movie has already been named among the popular classical comedy action cult of all time. The popularity of the movie is responsible for the number of sequels of the film. As the movie launched its first part, it was met by the release of the second and third. 

As soon as the third part of the movie premiered, it was met by a large number of speculations regarding the fourth season. The officials are waiting for the movie series to be back and so does the audience. 

There is no doubt that Rush Hour is one of the popular classical action films and fans have admired the chemistry of the duo over the period. It brings comedy and makes the film spicier. As soon as the film’s first part of the film was released, it was met by heavy ratings and positive feedback. There are many people who still binge watch the three parts of the film. 

Many people are wondering about the possibilty o Rush Hour 4. It’s not the first time when the fans have wondered about the possible sequel of the movie. Beside the confirmation, there has been speculation regarding the cast of Rush Hour 4. If you are one of those people who are wondering who will be in the film then we are here to discuss everything. 

Rush Hour 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

Rush Hour 4 Cast One of the major questions that lies beside the confirmation of the movie is who will be in Rush Hour 4. Rush Hour 4 is still not confirmed but there are many sources that reveal the future possibility of the show. Recently, there has been huge speculation regarding the confirmation of the movie. We all came to learn about the film through the interview where Chris Tucker who played the role of Carter in the film appeared and revealed their future plans. He even said that they are discussing things with Jackie Chan and seeing whether they will be working on the set again or this.

This interview was enough for the fans to speculate since there have been a lot of questions that were already solved by the main lead of the film. We came to learn that the series has been doing amazing. Although there has been no official confirmation regarding the fourth part, the statement by the main lead was enough for the people to think about. 

Now the main question is, who will be going to feature in the movie? Rush Hour movie features Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as chaotic partners where both of them have different personalities to handle. 

In the film, we have seen Jackie Chan appearing as Detective Inspector Lee, a top Hong Kong cop who comes to Los Angeles to help his friend find his kidnapped daughter. Chris Tucker features the role of Detective James Carter, a fast-talking street-smart LAPD Detective originally assigned by the FBI to babysit Lee and keep him out of their investigation.

Rush Hour 4 Cast updates

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In the first part, we saw how there are characters like Tom Wilkinson as Thomas Griffin/Juntao, Tzi Ma as Consul Solon Han, Ken Leung as Sang, Elizabeth Peña as Detective Tania Johnson, Mark Rolston as Special Agent Warren Russ of the FBI, Rex Linn as FBI agent Dan Whitney, Chris Penn as Clive Cod, Philip Baker Hall as Captain Bill Diel, Julia Hsu as Soo-Yung Han, John Hawkes as “Stucky”, Clifton Powell as Luke, and Barry Shabaka Henley as Bobby.

As the second part features, we see a bunch of new characters. Though, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker remain constant with their role. Since they are the main lead of the movie, we can;t expect them to be removed. However, a lot of new cast members have joined the movie and a lot of them are on the set. 

In Rush Hour 2, there were John Lone as Ricky Tan, Zhang Ziyi as Hu Li, Roselyn Sánchez as Agent Isabella Molina, Alan King as Steven Reign, Harris Yulin as Special Agent-In-Charge Sterling, Kenneth Tsang as Captain Chin, Don Cheadle as Kenny, and Joel McKinnon Miller as Tex

Moreover there were Jeremy Piven, Saul Rubinek, and Gianni Russo have cameo appearances as a Versace salesman.

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Rush Hour 4 Cast

Coming to the third and the final part of the movie, the main protagonist remains the same in the film while a lot of new characters were added. They are Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenji, Max Von Sydow as Varden Reynard, Yvan Attal as George, Youki Kudoh as Dragon Lady Jasmine, Noémie Lenoir as Geneviève / Shy Shen, Zhang Jingchu as Soo-Yung Han, Tzi Ma as Ambassador Solon Han, Roman Polanski as Commissaire Revi, Philip Baker Hall as Captain Bill Diel, Dana Ivey as Sister Agnes, Henry O as Master Yu, Mia Tyler as Marsha, Sarah Shahi as Zoe, David Niven Jr. as British Foreign Minister, Sun Mingming as Kung-Fu Giant and Julie Depardieu as Paulette. 

Coming to the fourth part, we know that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will remain the same. Both have shared an Instagram picture where the actors were seen posing ‘4’ with their fingers. This can be a possible hint for their upcoming movie. Other than these two, there is no official confirmation regarding other parts. We know that Rush hour will move around another story where we are going to meet new characters. 

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As soon as the movie was announced, we’ll get to learn about these characters. What do you think? Well, if you have heard any rumors regarding the film’s upcoming characters then comment down below. 

Is there any official trailer to watch?

Since the movie has not been released by the officials, there is no official trailer to watch. Rush Hour 4 is yet to announce and it would be too soon to wonder about the possibility of the official trailer. If you have not watched the film yet then here is the official trailer for you to watch. 

Even though the movie was released in 1990s time, it is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time. The people still admiredthe comedy that the movie features and that’s why they are wandering for the fourth part. 

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