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Run: HBO’s Show Gives A Messy But Appealing Twist On The Idea Of ‘Great Escape’


David Mudd

There is no better time for a series named Run to be released other than this. People all over the world are sitting around inside their house because of the lockdown or self-isolation. Jumping on a train and getting away from everything. Which the thing happening in the Run. Run is a new HBO show.

The series is from Vicky Jones. He was Waller-Bridge’s creative partner for a long time. The show will have seven episodes. The characters and character will be Merritt Wever as Ruby and Domhnall Gleeson as Billy.

What Is Happening In Run


The first episode of the show starts with the female protagonist, that is Ruby standing in a hypermarket car park. Then she receives a text message saying “Run”. She replayed for it with the same word. There it starts all that comes after in the series.

When they both meet at the correct point, it got revealed that they both are former flames. Besides, both of them agreed back in the past. The agreement said that if one text the keyword “run” and the other replies. Then they have to meet on a train from the Grand Central Station, New York.

Ruby says ” I have nothing with me” as soon as she sits next to Billy on the train. Then he replies with the question “At that moment you just left?”. It is not clear much about each other’s life. Although, when the story goes on. Surely, it will not be plain sailing. The series is set thousands of miles far away from the UK. Yes, the story goes on in the United States.