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Rowan Atkinson Net Worth, Biography, Career and Many More We Know So Far?

As of November 2022, Rowan Atkinson net worth is estimated to be $150 million. He is an English actor, screenwriter as well as comedian. Rowan is most popularly known for being Mr Bean which is the character that’s blessed our television screens with humour for over decades.

Rowan is one of the legendary actors in English comedy and has become one of the richest actors in the world.

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What is the Early Life of Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan was born on 6th January 1955 in County Durham, England. He is the youngest child among his four siblings however his eldest brother Paul passed away when he was an infant.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan completed his primary education from Durham Christers School, St. Bees School. He was graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Engineering. Eventually he went on to pursue further education and specifically receive an Electrical Engineering degree from Oxford.

But, this is not where Rowan’s passion was lied and around the same time, he would write and perform comedy sketches for some Oxford based shows.

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What is the Career History of Rowan Atkinson?

In 1979, Rowan Atkinson’s career as a performer as well as comedy sketch writer has began when he starred in his own comedy shows for BBC Radio 3.

Since then he focused onto television and his big success was with Not the Nine O’clock news show. This led to The Black Adder which was one of the best British comedy shows of its era.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

1980s was controlled by Black Adder, but the character we all recognise Rowan for Mr. Bean which was debuted in 1990. Mr. Bean went on to be an immense success and is the show that Atkinson is most known for.

Along with this, Rowan was also starred in The Thin Blue Line and numerous movies which includes Johnny English, Love Actually, Rat Race and Four Weddings & A Funeral.

As of November 2022, Rowan Atkinson net worth is estimated to be $150 million.

Highlights –

Check out some key highlights of Rowan Atkinson career below –

  • BBC 3 Radio show started in 1978 with name The Atkinson People.
  • First TV show in 1979 Canned Laughter.
  • Black Adder aired on BBC in 1983.
  • Bean was born in 1990
  • Bean movie in 1997.
  • Johnny English film in 2003.
  • Voted top 50 funniest comedians ever in 2005.
  • Bean’s holiday in 2007.

Blockbuster Movies of Rowan Atkinson

  • Bean in 1997
  • Rat Race in 2001
  • Johnny English in 2003
  • Love Actually in 2003
  • Keeping Mum 2005
  • Bean’s Holiday in 2007
  • Johnny English reborn in 2011
  • Johnny English strikes again in 2018

Some Favourite Quotes From Rowan Atkinson –

“The clear problem of the outlawing of insult is that too many things can be interpreted as such. Criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, merely stating an alternative point of view to the orthodoxy, can be interpreted as insult.” – Rowan Atkinson

“Monty Python crowd; half of them came from Cambridge, and half of them came from Oxford. But, there seems to be this jewel, this sort of two headed tradition of doing comedy, of doing sketches, and that kind of thing.” – Rowan Atkinson

“I enjoy racing historic motorcars from the ’50s and ’60s. The seed of my interest was planted when I was about 12 years old and took over my mother’s Morris Minor. I drove it around my father’s farm. But my favorite car is still a McLaren F1, which I have had for 10 years.”- Rowan Atkinson

“But, actually, so many of the clerics that I’ve met, particularly the Church of England clerics, are people of such extraordinary smugness and arrogance and conceitedness who are extraordinarily presumptuous about the significance of their position in society.” – Rowan Atkinson

“Get that right, then- if you get the quality right, then the marketability or whatever; your ability to sell videos or your ability to earn money or whatever, will follow naturally. But try to be creatively lead rather than market lead. And that’s important to me.” – Rowan Atkinson

“I think I have an inner confidence that my tastes are pretty simple, that what I find funny finds a wide audience. I’m not particularly intellectual or clever or minority-focused in my creative instincts. And I’m certainly not aware of suppressing more sophisticated ambitions.” – Rowan Atkinson

Frequently Asked Questions –

What is the Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson net worth is estimated to be $150 million as of November 2022.

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What is the Age of Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson was born on 6th January 1955 so currently he is 67 years old.

Conclusion –

Mr. Bean is loved by millions of people across the world as well as in England. This character is revolutionized English comedy and made Rowan Atkinson a very rich comedian.

As of November 2022, Rowan Atkinson Net worth is estimated to be $150 million. He has gained this massive net worth through his incredible and successful career.

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