Netflix’s Rough Diamonds Season 3 Release Date: Fans Are Eagerly Waiting!



Will there be Rough Diamonds Season 3? What fans can expect with the third season of the show? There has been a lot of speculation running around the internet. This isn’t new for the viewers to accept the renewal status of the show. Rough Diamonds is one of the new Belgian drama series which was released in 2023.

After the successful release of the first season makers became Enthusiast to learn about the new possibility of the show. Recently there have been a lot of questions about the future of the show and that’s why we are here to solve your doubts. The majority of you guys have already watched the first season and are waiting to learn more about the show.

Recently, the show makers have confirmed certain news and we feel that it is important for you guys to learn about it. continue reading the article so that you don’t miss any updates regarding rough diamonds’ future potential.  Here is everything you need to know about the show.

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Tv Series Rough Diamonds
Total Season 1
Total Episode 8 (Season 1)
Status Season 2 Coming Soon
Writer Rotem Shamir
Director Rotem Shamir
Producer Atar Dekel
Music Stan Lee Cole
Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country of origin Belgium
Language Dutch, English
Initial Release Date 21 Apr. 2023
Season 2 Release Date Coming Soon, 2024
Season 3 Release Date NA
Run Time 52 min
Available On Netflix

Rough Diamonds Season 3 Release Date: When it is going to be released?

Are you looking for the release date of Rough Diamonds Season 3? As the makers have recently announced the Rough Diamonds Season 2, we feel it is super soon for them to announce their renewal status for the third season. Although many people are hoping to see the details for the third one, unfortunately, there are no updates.

At the time of writing, there has been no detail regarding the future of the series. The second season is expected to be released in 2024, while the third season will make its highlight in 2025.

Note: This isn’t a confirmed release date by the officials but rather a prediction on the series. We Are currently looking into the matter, and if there are any updates, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

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Rough Diamonds Season 3 Cast: Who will be in it?

Kevin Janssens, the main lead of the show who plays the role of Noah is likely to be back in the series. The actor, who is seen in Renaissances and Black Lotus, is coming back with his role. In this section of the article, we will be going to explore the cast of the show which is likely to be back.

Cast Character
Kevin Janssens Noah Wolfson
Ini Massez Adina Glazer
Robbie Cleiren Eli Wolfson
Yona Elian Sarah Wolfson
Marie Vinck Gila Wolfson
Els Dottermans Jo Smets
Casper Knopf Tommy McCabe
Janne Desmet Rivki Wolfson
Seth Allyn Austin Noah Wolfson
Tine Joustra Kerra McCabe
Kasper Vandenberghe Maarten Prinsen
Gene Bervoets Matthias Dumont
Jeroen Van der Ven Benny Feldman
Sofie Decleir Nicole Van Goethem
Jo Jochems Schmulik Glazer

Rough Diamonds Season 3 Plot: What to Expect with it?

The show follows round, “Set in Antwerp’s Hasidic community, the thriller follows Noah as he returns to Belgium with his young son, Tommy, 15 years after leaving Orthodoxy. Noah investigates what led to his brother’s suicide while attempting to pick up the pieces of his family’s failing business.:

In the first season, we see how Noah Wolfson’s brother Yanki suicide and after learning that, he goes back home. There, he decides to work hard for his family and also recollect all the details of his family business.

As the first season ended on a significant cliffhanger, a lot of people have been questioning the future of the show. Once season 2 is wrapped up, we will learn what the future season 3 holds. Till then, we advise you to bookmark this page so you don’t miss any updates.

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Rough Diamonds Season 3 Official trailer

Are you looking for the official trailer for the third season? If you are doing so then you are too early for it. The officials have not yet confirmed the release date of the show and there is no announcement of the renewal status of the series.

Many people are waiting to learn about the show and that’s why we are here to guide you. The renewal status of the second season is recently out so the trailer of the show will come out first. Till then, here is the official trailer for the first season.

Where to watch the show?

I know there are a lot of people who want to watch rough diamonds on the screen. If you are one of those people who have not watched this Belgian drama series, then it is high time for you to watch it. The series is exclusively available on Netflix to stream. As you all know Netflix is one of the popular streaming platforms that allow audiences to watch their favorite shows from around the world.

You need to take an online subscription to the platform to watch the show. Along with that, there are tons of amazing web series, TV shows, and movies available on the forum. One of the popular one is Stranger Things. With the release of its four season, check out what it contain.

What are the ratings of the Show?

Many people are waiting for the ratings of the show. If you are one of them then in this section of the article, we will be going to explore all the details of the show. Continue reading this section to find out everything about the show.

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Final Verdict

The release date of the series has not been announced by the officials yet. After the successful release of the first season, a lot of people have questions regarding the future of the show. While the officials have already confirmed the renewal status of the 2nd season, they want to know what is the take of the creators for the third season.

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