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ABC police drama Rookie Season 6 release date is starring Nathan Fillion is not out yet. It has been renewed for a sixth season in 2023-24. In the upcoming season, the show will surpass the significant milestone of 100 episodes. The network announced the renewal two weeks before the fifth season finale on May 2, 2023.  The Rookie is one of three veteran shows renewed by ABC for the 2023-24 season, among Abbott Elementary and Grey’s Anatomy.

Release Date Of Rookie Season 6

The season five finale of The Rookie has recently aired. It may take some time for ABC to announce the official release date for season six. However, based on the show’s past release patterns, we can expect John Nolan and his team to return in the Fall.

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The Rookie has historically premiered each season between September and October. So, we expect that it might release its 6th season in September of 2023.

Expected Cast Of Rookie Season 6

  • John Nolan is portrayed by Nathan Fillion: He plays the role of the oldest rookie (Police Officer III) in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and is assigned to the Mid-Wilshire Division.
  • Angela Lopez is portrayed by Alyssa Diaz: She portrays an LAPD detective (Detective I) and is assigned as the training officer to Jackson West.
  • Wade Grey is portrayed by Richard T. Jones: He plays the role of a sergeant (Sergeant II) and serves as the watch commander at the Mid-Wilshire Station.
  • Tim Bradford is portrayed by Eric Winter: He plays a strict and no-nonsense training officer (Police Officer III/Sergeant I/Sergeant II) who is assigned Chen as a rookie. Although he gives her a hard time, he treats her fairly.
  • Aaron Thorsen is portrayed by Tru Valentino: He plays the role of a rookie (Police Officer I) who was involved in a murder case but was found not guilty.

Premise Of Rookie

The Rookie is an entertaining and inspiring television series that follows the journey of John Nolan. He is a small-town boy who moves to Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer.

rookie season 6 release date

The show dives into his problems as he adjusts to one of the largest police departments in the country while being substantially older than his coworkers. John works hard to prove himself and overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

Recap Of Rookie Season 5 Finale

The horror themes of “Under Siege” were obvious from the start. When Thorsen and Juarez heard a strange sound while walking home from a D&D session late at night. They made a fatal mistake by splitting off unknowingly and were soon attacked by individuals wearing highly creepy masks. Thorsen was shot. Juarez received a concussion after one of the attackers posed a puzzle to her.

The Mid-Wilshire team immediately sprang into action. Soon found themselves under attack by the masked men as well. Nolan and Bailey were targeted in their own home. Nyla’s infant daughter was kidnapped, although she quickly recovered. Bradford and Chen were also surrounded by the assailants while pursuing a lead.

They would likely not have made it out alive if not for timely intervention. The ringleader of the masked men was revealed to be Luke Moran. He had a grudge against the police due to his conviction for old abuse. For it, he had gained him a ninety-day sentence.

Luke Moran’s suicide by cop was a disturbing end to the chaotic events of  “Under Siege.” However, it was the mysterious phone call he received just before his death that added a new layer of conspiracy to the story. The man on the other end of the line claimed to have helped Moran. He praised him for “seeing a wrong that needed to be righted.” This conversation hinted at a deeper conspiracy at play and left viewers with more questions than answers.

The tension only continued to build as the episode ended with Thorsen’s life hanging in the balance. The code blue situation he faced at the hospital was a distressing scene that left his friend Juarez anxiously watching. “Code blue” is a medical emergency that refers to a patient’s cardiac or respiratory arrest. It indicated that Thorsen was in critical condition.

Spoiler For Rookie Season 6

There is currently no official release date for The Rookie’s season six plot. However, many unsolved concerns remain following the season five conclusion. Particularly surrounding the destiny of Aaron Thorsen (played by Tru Valentino).

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Aaron was immediately shifted to the hospital after being shot by unidentified attackers. There he continued to struggle for his life. Season six will definitely show whether Aaron survives or succumbs to his injuries, season five ended with him in a coma. A new enemy will be introduced in the future season. Season five’s last episode established that Luke Moran was in charge of recruiting the mercenaries who assaulted the Mid-Wilshire Division. Why the attacker was behind them is still not known.

rookie season 6 release date

The episode concludes with a shot of a pair of Escalades traveling on the highway, and inside, an unnamed character played by Kristian Bruun, reveals himself as the mastermind behind the entire ordeal. Dressed sharply in a suit, the mystery man boasts about financing the attack as a distraction. He declares, “And by the time they realize the damage we’ve done, we’ll be long gone.”

Trailer Of Rookie Season 6

At present, there is no information available regarding the release of The Rookie Season 6 trailer. In the meantime, fans can indulge in rewatching past seasons to keep their excitement for the upcoming season alive.

Review And Rating Rookie

The Season finale ended with a rating of 76% on Tomatometer. The season finale of The Rookie was filled with intense action as the characters battled multiple attacks, while one of their own struggled to survive.

Where You Can Watch Rookie?

Fans of The Rookie can catch up on all the action of Season 5 now, as it is available to stream on both Hulu and ABC. Some people can also access Amazon Prime in certain regions


The Rookie offers its viewers an encouraging and motivating tale. It encourages them to pursue their aspirations and endeavor to achieve greatness, despite facing obstacles along the way. With a dedicated fan base around the world and an expanding audience with each passing season. This show has already established itself as one of the most cherished series on television.

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